Using Paperturn, your papers (PDF files) can be automatically transformed into dynamic online papers, making them remarkable for use on digital platforms.  Paperturn has been designed so that your online papers can form the basis of establishing contact with (new) customers.

Create online papers

Create online papers from pdf with PaperturnMany companies are will already have papers (PDF files) with content that they want to publish online, but this generally requires that the content is specifically programmed for online use. Because of this barrier, the content is often never published online.  At the same time, publishing a PDF file directly is not considered an option because many people think that a PDF file doesn't present well enough online. Paperturn has been developed to solve this problem. By using Paperturn, PDF files are transformed into online papers with a dynamic appearance that makes them remarkable on digital platforms. Paperturn produces the online papers automatically from your PDF file - there is no requirement for an active process of development in creating professional and attractive online papers.
During the transformation from PDF files to online papers, the pages of the PDF files are arranged clearly so that it is possible to navigate between them in a digital viewer.  A dynamic user interface, which online products are known for, is created, which facilitates quick navigation between the pages.  In addition, the presentation of the online papers is enhanced using Paperturn’s dynamic "flipping effect", illustrated when the users go from one page to another. Overall, the result is an experience of online papers which belong online, and not an experience of files that have been taken out of their context.
Papers (PDF files) being published online can conveniently be transformed into online papers which can then reach your target market. Not only does Paperturn ensure professional, attractive online papers, it also ensures that online papers benefit from optimum conditions for being spotted by (new) customers.

Increased contact to (new) customers

Increased contact to new customersPapers (PDF files) which are transformed into online papers can potentially form the basis of establishing contact with (new) customers. This is because Paperturn optimizes the online papers for being found in Google. For instance, if there is a headline in your online papers containing certain words that users search for in Google, then these users will find your online papers in Google. Thus your online papers can function as "bait" with the potential of drawing in customers without active effort on your part.
In addition to the potential for significant visibility in Google, the online papers can, of course, be included as content on websites, social media, etc. In this way, you will profit by using your  existing content as opposed to going through the time-consuming and cost-intensive process of creating completely new content.

Improved efficiency of work processes

Papers (PDF files) which have been transformed into online papers can be distributed quickly and easily. While ordinary papers would have to be attached in e-mails, be printed, etc. it is sufficient to provide a link for your online papers.
Improved efficiency of work processes


How to create online papers

Paperturn has been developed with the aim of making it easy to create online papers.  The only prerequisite for creating online papers with Paperturn is that you have your paper in the form of a PDF file.
You can start using Paperturn free of charge, meaning that you can see how your own papers will actually appear as online papers. See how to create online papers


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