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Need to create a digital magazine for your customers quickly and effortlessly? All you need is a PDF version of your magazine which, after being uploaded to Paperturn’s online magazine maker, will be quickly transformed into a digital one. No programming necessary. Within minutes of uploading your PDF file, you’ll be left with an attractive, user-friendly and professional digital magazine that you can instantly share with all your customers!


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A digital magazine, also known as an e-magazine, is a format that allows for a unique interactive experience. Since your magazine will be hosted online, you can choose to add links, images, videos, GIFs and so many more digital features - directly within the pages of your e-magazine.  This is a surefire way to WOW your readers and keep them engaged. 

How to use the online magazine maker

Paperturn’s online magazine maker is able to transform your dull PDF file into a digital flipbook within minutes. Follow the steps below to create your own digital magazine.


1) Upload your PDF file to Paperturn - you can sign up to our FREE 14 day trial to get you started!


2) Design and customise your online magazine to match your brand. You can add colours and images to the background to enhance the look of your magazine, and include your logo to give your company credibility.


3) Add links, videos and GIFs to grab the attention of your readers, and keep it! 


4) Incorporate advertising banners and newsflash icons to easily inform readers about upcoming events, promotions or updates!


5) Add a lead capture form so you can gain valuable information about your viewers and use this info to target them in your next marketing campaign.


6) Share your online magazine on social media, via email and by embedding directly onto your website. With paperturn publications, you can reach all your customers with ease!


7) Make vital changes and corrections to your digital magazine by overwriting your flipbook, yet still maintaining your publication’s link. You can also use this feature to replace your old magazine issue with a new one.

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Digital Magazines vs. Print Magazines

While there are advantages and disadvantages of both print and digital formats, there are clear and distinct differences that should be considered when deciding which is the best for you and your company.


Ease of Distribution

One very clear factor is that distribution is much easier with digital magazines - all you need to do is share the link of your publication, and in an instant, all your customers will have access (distribute to as many people as you’d like - at no extra cost). 


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This differs greatly from the distribution of print magazines, which requires more effort and resources. Not to mention the extra cost - the more magazines you want to distribute, the higher the price! 


Another great benefit of using digital magazines instead of print is the fact that digital magazines are hosted online, meaning that no paper is used, or goes to waste. Digital is therefore an extremely sustainable option. Nowadays, it’s important that we try to ensure that we use as little paper as possible, and print magazines, unfortunately, don't fit this quota. 


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Endless Interactive Features

Although print magazines have their perks, they don’t offer half as much as digital magazines do in terms of interactivity. An online magazine can incorporate a whole host of online features  and this modern form of communication is becoming more and more sought after.

Digital Magazine Examples

Here are some examples of online magazines to give you some inspiration of what yours could look like: 

Online Magazine Example: Veni


Transform SA: Digital magazine example




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