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Create secure, compelling and visually powerful online reports that will impress your boss, stakeholders or academic community. Instantly transform your PDF into a media-rich digital report with built-in security features.

Digital Report Examples

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Design Personalization

At Paperturn, you can customize the design of your online reports by adjusting the background, changing the logo or entering your own CNAME.

Use Internal/External Links

Add internal and external links to your digital report so that readers are taken directly to the right pages inside or outside your flipbook.

Customize With Images & Videos

Enhance the visual appearance of your online report by adding images, GIFs and inserting YouTube or Vimeo videos.


Be Visible on Your Own Website 

Use our iFrame feature and embed your online report directly into your or your company's website - so everyone can access it at any time! With Paperturn, it's as simple as it can be!

Be Visible on Google

With the help of our SEO optimization tool, you can make sure that you become or stay visible on search engines like Google.


Share Your Online Report

Not only can you share your digital report via email, but you can also upload it to your social networks - gain exposure everywhere!

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your flipbook

Usable Independent of Devices


By using HTML5 technology, your online report can be opened and read regardless of the device - without any loss of quality!

Perform Better 


Use our built-in statistics or the Google Analytics 4 integration to see how your digital report performs and adjust it if necessary.

Share in Your Emails


Using our software, you can share your online report not only on social media but also easily in your emails - or add it to your email signature!


Determine whether your online report should be accessible to everyone or only available to certain people by setting a username and password.

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Benefits of Using Paperturn

An excellent solution for secure, visually compelling business reports and presentations


Target an International Audience

Our flipbook editor and viewer support more than 14 languages, including German, English, French, Chinese, and Arabic. Every reader can easily change the language. You choose the language of the text in your flipbook and the original language in which your digital report is first shown.



Improve Readability and Retention

While business/annual reports are often seen as a design drag, converting your PDF report into a flipbook can turn your report into a memorable design project; and, with better design comes more reading and retention, two positives for your brand. 


Large File Support

We know that detailed reports can often be in excess of 50 or 100 pages, containing various charts, graphs and visual elements. Paperturn has no page upload limitations and offers you up to 512MB in file size so you can create data-rich and highly detailed reports which support all of your business needs.


Rock-Solid Business Branding

Solidify your company’s brand recognition using your domain name in your flipbook’s URL. You can even turn off the Paperturn branding. Let your online business report have all the attention and focus it deserves while you get all the credit you need.


Easily Protect Your Report

Does your digital report contain sensitive information? That's not a problem at all! You can decide whether your report is published privately or publicly within the security settings. Using IP-Whitelisting, you can grant access only to people in your company.




API Functionality

Use the API function to create an auto-updating list of your performance or annual reports on your website. Enable the search function on your website to include results from your digital reports to create greater information availability and ease of searchability for stakeholders.

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