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Want to get your message out there, so your customers can view it with ease? Why not create an online leaflet? Digital messages can be instantly shared across all social media platforms, embedded directly onto your website, and easily sent via email. Reaching your target audience has never been simpler - just use our online leaflet-maker and we will transform your static-looking PDF file into an appealing interactive flipbook.


What is a leaflet, anyway

A leaflet is a form of communication that allows you to share important information with clients. For example; you can use a leaflet to easily update your customers on any new products or services that your company provides. It’s an effective way to advertise your company, because it allows your brand to reach all those potential customers that you might otherwise be struggling to connect with. 

However, you might be wondering how a traditional leaflet is different to an online leaflet. The answer is simple - online leaflets save paper (and therefore the environment) and they allow for instant communication; without boundaries. Plus they provide your customers with a more engaging way to learn about your business, because online leaflets allow you to incorporate digital elements like links, videos, lead capture forms, and more! All these additional features mean that you get so much more from an online leaflet, than what you could from a regular printed leaflet. 

Online Leaflet on iPad

How to create a leaflet online:

If you’re interested in creating a digital leaflet - keep reading - we’re here to teach you how... 


1) Upload a PDF file of your leaflet to Paperturn’s online leaflet maker.


2) Wait a few short moments, while your PDF is converted into an interactive leaflet.


3) Design your leaflet’s background by choosing colours or images that resonate with your brand. You can also add your business’ logo to further customise your leaflet.


4) Add links to your website, social media pages, and other relevant sites that your customers may need. You can also add page links (to other sections within your digital leaflet) to make it even more user-friendly!


5) Incorporate YouTube or Vimeo videos, and add GIFs to retain your customer’s attention for longer.


You can take advantage of many more features with both our Pro and Basic subscriptions! 

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How to make the most out of your online leaflet:

To get the most out of your online leaflet, we suggest that you make use of our SEO-friendly feature, our built-in and integrated statistics feature, and our lead capture form feature. Below is a brief explanation of how these functions work to make your online leaflet that much more successful.



SEO can be a tricky concept to grasp, but at Paperturn, we make it easy for you. Basically, you need to ensure that your online leaflet is search-engine optimised (SEO) so that all search engines (like Google) can index it. That is, if you want them to, of course! If you want your leaflet to show up on the search results pages, and you also want search results to rank your flipbook higher than your competitors, then you must enhance your SEO. You do this by adding descriptions and keywords that make it more attractive to search engines. 


Our platform allows you to track your online leaflet’s performance in two ways: with our built-in statistics feature or via our integrated Google Analytics function. Both options give you insight on how well your online leaflet is performing. You can quickly learn which areas are doing well and which could use improvement. Our statistics feature is the ultimate guide! 


Lead Capture Form

Do you want more general information on your clientele, or could you benefit from learning specific customer details? Just incorporate a lead capture form to your online leaflet and allow your potential leads to enter their email details and other information, so that you can target your marketing efforts to those who already have an interest in your brand. 

Online Leaflet Examples:

Still can’t visualise what your online leaflet might look like? Here are some examples to inspire you! 

Experience Camp Lucy Online Leaflet Example:




Ardmore Online Leaflet Example:




Camp Lucy - Wedding Digital Leaflet Example:




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