Embed your flipbook directly onto your website

Embed your real, page-fIipping publication directly onto your website with a short piece of code.

Follow the steps below to embed your flipbook directly into your website:


Step 1: Log into your account and go to Publications.

Step 2: Select the flipbook you wish to embed.

Step 3: Click on the “Embed” tab. 


Step 4: Once on the embed tab, ensure “Default” is chosen.

Step 5: Customize how you would like the embedded flipbook to look.

Choose your preferred size, background color and whether you would like the embedded flipbook to have a flipping sound, shadow on pages and/or a hardcover page effect.


Flip sound: This can be selected if you want a flip sound effect every time a page is turned.
Shadow on pages: A shadow in the middle makes the publication look just like a book; however, if you don’t want this option simply uncheck the box.
Hardcover: Do you want the front/back pages to look like hardcovers? This option can be selected here.

Step 6: Once you have selected all of your customization options, copy the embed code by clicking on “Copy to clipboard” and then insert it into your website.

*Note: We recommend using the “script” embed coding; however, some websites don’t allow script insertion. In this case, you can use the iFrame code to embed your flipbook into your website. 




You’re done!

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