Embed your flipbook directly into your website

You’ll get a fantastic result if you embed your flipbook directly into your website.

Click on “Embed” and then “Default”:
Embed flipbook on your website - Step 1



Choose the size

Choose which size you would like your embedded flipbook to be; based on what will look best on your website – especially in terms of the width of the flipbook itself. Would you like a fixed size or should it expand? We recommend choosing a fixed size - it’s easier to work with.Embed flipbook on your website - Step 2


Embed with flipping sound, shadow and front/back hardcover effect

  • Flip sound: This can be selected if you want a flip sound effect every time a page is turned.
  • Shadow on pages: A shadow in the middle makes the publication look just like a book, however if you don’t want this option simply uncheck the box.
  • Hardcover: Do you want the front/back pages to look like hardcovers? This option can be selected here.

Embed flipbook on your website - Step 3



Copy the code

“Script” is selected by default and this is the embed coding type that we recommend. However, for some companies' websites, it’s not possible to insert scripts. If this is the case for your website, the Iframe version can be used instead.


Copy the embed code by clicking on “Copy to clipboard” and then insert it into your website.

Embed flipbook on your website - Step 4

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