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Paperturn’s eBook converter allows you to transform your PDF files into an online, digital eBook. This is no ordinary eBook, as Paperturn enables you to use a variety of cool features to make your eBook way more interesting.

Easily impress your readers with an alternative option to your dull PDF file and use our eBook converter to transform your book’s boring, static format into an innovative, digital design (aka a HMTL5 eBook).


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How to create an eBook

Haven’t created an eBook before? No problem - here’s where we guide you through how to create an eBook in 8 simple steps!


1) Start writing your content. Whether you like to write content on Word, Google Docs or any other platform - just start writing.


2) Add images and links to your file (if you wish you can skip this step and add it via our eBook converter software).


3) Save your finished document as a PDF file.


4) Create a FREE 14 day trial account on Paperturn.


5) Upload your PDF file to Paperturn.


6) Our PDF to eBook converter will then (momentarily) convert your file into a real-page turning eBook.


7) From the dashboard, you can select various features that you want to incorporate into your eBook, such as: designing the background of your eBook, adding privacy features, customising your own domain name, adding interactive elements (like links, videos and gifs), and so much more.


8) Voilà - your eBook is ready to be viewed by your readers!

How to market your eBook

 After you have used our online eBook converter, you probably want to know how you can market your eBook so that you can get more views. So, we’ve got some tips to help you promote your eBook.


Share your eBook

Our eBook converter software allows you to share your flipbook on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Flaunt your publication online for all your followers and friends to see and re-share.


Embed your eBook

By using Paperturn to convert your PDF file into an eBook, you can then decide to embed your publication onto your website, in the body of an email, or in your email signature. There are many ways to embed and share your eBook, to ensure that your eBook is seen by everyone - both far and wide! 

Marketing your eBook has never been easier and you’ll be guaranteed some ROI!

eBook vs PDF

Here are a few reasons why you should ditch the traditional PDF format and transform it into an eBook: 

  • Digital eBooks are presented in a modern format, and will no doubt impress your viewers. They are a unique way of presenting your story, recipe, document etc.

  • You can have multiple interactive elements included within your publication - there are some things a PDF just can’t support (videos, GIFs and so much more)...

  • Sharing your eBook has never been easier. Just copy and paste your publication’s URL to send it on any platform and to anyone! 

What does an eBook look like after using the eBook converter?

Below are some examples of what your eBook could look like... Click on the covers to view.







By using our online eBook converter, you will also be able to receive advice, tips and help on how to make your eBook even more show-stopping. Just contact our customer support team and they’ll help you in a heartbeat! 

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