How to customize your flipbook’s domain name (URL)

 **Please note, the CNAME feature is only available with our Pro subscription. Neither our free 14-day trial nor our Basic subscription allows for access to this feature.**


Share a flipbook with your company's URL instead of Paperturn's URL. 


With our PRO subscription, you're able to set a custom URL (domain) per flipbook - meaning, you can have several unique URLs per account. 


Setting a custom URL on your flipbook


**This feature requires a lot of technical knowledge in addition to access to your domain's DNS settings. Please have a technical member of your team assist you when setting this feature up as we cannot offer 3rd party support regarding customers’ DNS / domains.**



Your website is called:


You want to create custom URL for your flipbook that shows the keyword “catalog”, so that your flipbook's URL would be



STEP 1: Create your CNAME in Paperturn’s System


(1.1) Log in to your Paperturn account and select the flipbook you would like to apply the custom domain name to.  Click on the “Edit" tab.


Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 1)



(1.2) Scroll down to the bottom of the edit tab and click on "Advanced settings". Insert your desired CNAME in the CNAME field. After you’ve inserted your CNAME, click “SAVE”.

Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 1)



(1.3) You will immediately see that 2 DNS records are now displayed. These are the values you will use in STEP 2 below.

Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 1)


STEP 2: Create 2 CNAME records in your DNS service provider


(2.1) Open your DNS service in order to create 2 new CNAME records.


(2.2) When you create your first new CNAME record in your DNS settings, you will use the values given in “DNS Record 1”. With our example, the “Name” of our CNAME is and its “Value” (where the CNAME should point to) is

Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 2)


(2.3) When you create your second new CNAME record in your DNS settings, you will use the values given in “DNS Record 2”. Follow the same steps as above.

Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 2)


(2.4) If you have the possibility to insert TTL, just ignore it or insert default value.



*IMPORTANT: It can take between 1 minute to 12 hours before the changes from your DNS host are active - this depends entirely on your DNS host and not on Paperturn; however, while your CNAME is validating, your flipbook will still be active and available for people to view with the original link.


STEP 3: Activation Confirmation


If your CNAME is valid and accepted, you'll receive a confirmation message under the CNAME field.

Guide - how to create your own flipbook URL (Step 3)


STEP 4: Choose your URL


Now that your CNAME is active, you can choose which link to display in the URL field when your readers open your flipbook. Regardless of which link option you choose to display in the URL field, all link options are functional and will direct to your flipbook.

Choose the URL to display for your flipbook 

- The "Link" is the long URL, often used for SEO purposes. It contains the CNAME, the account name, the name of the flipbook and the tracking information for the flipbook.


- The "Short Link" contains the CNAME and the tracking information for the flipbook


- The "CNAME Link" is just the CNAME. is just the CNAME. This is the most popular option when a CNAME is enabled, as it's the easiest link for your readers to remember and type into the URL field.


IMPORTANT*: Although you can have the same CNAME across multiple flipbooks, only one flipbook can display the “CNAME Link”. This is because we would be unable to distinguish which flipbook to direct your users to. 

Therefore, we suggest that you choose variations of the same CNAME, for example:,, etc. if you’d like each of your flipbooks to use & display a unique CNAME Link.









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