PDF flipbook with private password protection

You can set your online PDF flipbook to "Public" or "Private" i.e. you can decide who has access to it.


The default setting is always "Public"; therefore, if you wish your publication to be "Private", you will have to activate this feature. In order to do this, use the "Privacy" tab within a publication's "Settings"




Once set to "Private", there are two methods in which you can allow viewers to access your flipbook:

    1. Using a username and password

    2. Using their IP address


1. Setting up a username and password

The first thing you must do is activate this method (as shown below) and then insert a username and password of your choice. 




2. Enabling access from specific IP addresses

Again, you must first activate this method (as shown below) and then insert the IP addresses of those you wish to give access to. There is no limit to the number of IP addresses you can add. 




If you wish to remove the "Private" setting and make your flipbook "Public" again, simply click "Set this publication as public" as shown below: 



Please note: Always remember to click "Save Changes" after any changes you make, to ensure your flipbooks new settings are stored and updated.

How to make you flipbook private

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