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Making presentations engaging and interactive can be a tricky task. That’s why at Paperturn we ensure that our online presentation maker can make that process as easy for you as possible. “How so?” you might ask... All you need to do is upload a PDF version of your presentation to Paperturn and in a few quick minutes, you’ll have your own online presentation (available to view from anywhere, on any device, and at any time).

It doesn’t matter if you create your presentation on PowerPoint, Word, InDesign etc., as long as you save it as a PDF file - you’re good to go and ready to upload it to Paperturn’s online presentation maker. You can follow our optimal upload specifications to ensure that your online presentation uploads without any hassles.


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What is an online presentation?

An online presentation allows you to present content to your employees, colleagues, students, customers etc. in digital format. The format created by Paperturn’s online presentation maker allows you to turn the pages as if it were a real-page turning flipbook, instead of the pages sliding in a conventional PowerPoint presentation. Online presentations also allow you to add interactive elements to your presentation, such as videos, links, GIFs and so much more. 


How do I use the online presentation software?

The online presentation maker is simple to use. Just have your PDF at hand, upload it to Paperturn, and your digital “flipbook” presentation is ready! 


From there you can add a variety of cool features that will draw your audiences’ attention instantly:

Why should I use an online presentation maker?

We know it can be hard to choose the right platform to assist with your presentations, but choosing an online presentation maker, like Paperturn, to do that job for you, is an absolute no-brainer. No matter whether you're teaching students, pitching an idea to your boss and colleagues, or promoting a product to your clients - you can be certain that they’ll be impressed by your online presentation. 

Not only can you demonstrate your presentation in real-life, but you can also share it with ease via email and social media. You can also simply send your flipbook’s unique URL link to whomever you want to to view it. Furthermore, you can see how well your digital presentation is doing by tracking our built-in statistics or making use of Google Analytics integration. Tracking your views and engagement has never been easier! Having access to this information will help you better understand how well your online presentation is performing. By learning which aspects are proving popular and which could use more work, you will also gain tips for creating future presentations and learn how to make them better each time.  

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What are some other online presentation tools that Paperturn offers?

Within the online presentation viewer, you have the option to search for specific terms, find a specific page and download the online presentation as a PDF. Another useful online presentation tool, is the ability to embed the presentation onto your, or your organisation’s, site - to immediately inform of any relevant news or policies. You can also make your online presentation private by restricting access to only those who have the log-in information that you set, or via whitelisting IP addresses. 

We all know that mistakes can be detrimental when trying to get through to an audience - especially when you’re presenting at a meeting with people you want to impress. Use our overwrite feature to make necessary changes to your online presentation, within seconds. 

Need to create a digital document in another format? Take a look at our annual report examples and online catalogues to get some inspiration.

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