How add a newsflash icon to your flipbook

Catch your readers’ attention with the newsflash icon feature. 

If enabled, it will display as a glowing icon in the top right-hand corner of your flipbook viewer - great for highlighting information, calls-to-action or important promotions! Users can click to read & click to close on all of your flipbook’s pages. 


Example of an activated newsflash icon



Follow the steps below to activate your flipbook's newsflash icon:



Click on the “EDIT” tab in the flipbook’s settings and activate the newsflash feature by choosing “YES”.


Click the Edit tab under your selected flipbook and choose Enable Newsflash



Choose the newsflash icon you wish to display.


Choose a newsflash icon



Populate the text field with your desired content and adjust the design of the newsflash. You can change the text colour, add hyperlinks and /or change the colour of the newsflash content box itself.

Add text to accompany the icon 



Make sure to click “SAVE” when finished editing.


Click on the flipbook cover below to see this feature in action: 

Newsflash Example - COLORADO LASER SPA



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