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What is a Flipbook?

 A flipbook is a converted PDF file. Paperturn converts PDF files into flipbooks, which are online interactive publications with an engaging page turning effect. Paperturn's online flipbooks support the latest digital platforms such as iOS systems, Androids and Windows mobile phones.

Read more about what a flipbook is in detail.

Why make a Flipbook?

Normal PDF files are not ideally indexed for Google. Converting your PDF into a flipbook allows your file to be more easily found by a search engine. Paperturn's effects will be added to your flipbook, which will make it stand out from a static PDF.

Best flipbook editor in the market


The Paperturn editor allows you to easily exchange, move and delete pages. You can also insert links and videos with a few clicks. 

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Responsive flipbook

Optimized flipbook viewer for the best user experience

The dynamic, widely responsive design
of Paperturn's Flipbook Viewer engages
your readers right away.

Flipbook categories

Flipbook Categories

Invitations, brochures, portfolios, 

online magazines and menu cards. These are just a few of the categories where a flipbook would be a handy, modern and brilliant alternative to static PDF files.

How to create a flipbook

How to create a flipbook

Flipbooks are very easy to create. Just upload a PDF and within 2 minutes you have an online flipbook.
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Flipbook price

Flipbook price

1 Flipbook Basic: $12.00

1 Flipbook Pro: $24.00
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Flipbook example

Flipbook examples

Paperturn provides several examples of different flipbook versions for your inspiration.

The only limit is your imagination!

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Flipbook vs PDF file

When you convert your PDF file into a flipbook you will have a lot of new benefits and advantages

Your PDF will now be search optimized.

Read more about how we make your PDF search optimized

Share PDF files on Facebook with deep linking and previews of your PDF. A PDF file will not normally be search indexed, meaning there is no possible way to send a link to specific page in a PDF. With a Paperturn flipbook, you can easily do that.
Read more about how to share your flipbook on social media
See example of sharing your online flipbook on Facebook

Flipbook statistics enable you to track your viewers count as well as optimizing your flipbook for Google. You can also insert Google Analytics into your flipbook.
See all the features you get with your online flipbook

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  • "I have used for a few years. For my own company but also for my customers. I chose Paperturn because it is easy to use and it has a lot of cool features that do not cost extra. Also, the big advantage of Paperturn is that your content will be indexed by Google. I would definitely recommend this to everybody who works with PDF files."


  • "De-fence has used Paperturn the last two years. It is very flexible and easy to work with. The user interface makes sure that everyone can easily adapt to the system. We have our Paperturn catalog attached as a link in every email we send out to customers. De-fence would always recommend Paperturn to others. It is so easy to use and our brochures look very professional!"


    Anders Svehag

    co-owner in

  • "I have been using Paperturn for the last 3 years and couldn't be happier with their system. I've tried several flipbook systems but Paperturn is the best I could find. They've surpassed all of my expectations!" 
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