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What does the Paperturn software do?

Paperturn flipbook software provides you with a user-friendly interface that enables you to make flipbooks online. Flipbooks are an innovative way to present engaging and interactive content, to create an overall, more pleasurable viewing experience.


Flipbooks are not a brand new invention. At Paperturn, we have many years of experience in the “flipbooking” world, and we are consistently (and frequently) adding new features and making improvements to our flipbook maker platform.A carousel of online publications Free Trial ButtonBook A Demo Button

What types of publications can I create with a flipbook maker?

An online flipbook maker, such as Paperturn, allows you to create any kind of publication or document your heart desires. All you need to do is upload a PDF file and we will create the HTML5 flipbook for you, in under a minute!

Some suggestions on what you can create via our flipbook making software:

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What features can I add to my publications with the online flipbook maker?

With Paperturn software, the options are endless! We have a ton of features that will supercharge your flipbook - taking it to the next level. This is the beauty of having your publication online; you can add a whole host of interactive digital features. You can communicate your information in a much more engaging way, than what a standard printed or PDF document can. Incorporate links, images, GIFs, videos and so much more to make each page of your publication a worthwhile view for your audience. 


We have made the following features available for our customers to use with ease:

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What steps should I take to make a flipbook look its best?

Making an online flipbook with Paperturn is super simple. All you need to do is follow our optimal upload specifications and upload your PDF to Paperturn. From there, you will see the transformed product within a matter of minutes (depending on your file size and your internet speed).


Once your flipbook has been created, you are then able to add a background for your flipbook that matches your brand’s identity; add a logo; include interactive elements; and so much more. 

Q: What happens if I don’t know how to use some of your features? 


A: We’ve created a help guide to assist you with implementing all of our features, in no time!


What makes us a great online flipbook solution?


If you want to make a flipbook online, but are struggling to choose the right flipbook creating platform, here are some reasons why Paperturn is the answer for you:


  • We ensure that our platform produces flipbooks that have the highest quality and fastest loading times on all devices
  • Our online flipbook maker has lots of fabulous features that will WOW your clientele. You can use ALL of them when subscribed to our PRO plan. However, if you don’t need all of the available features, you can also subscribe to our Basic subscription. We have a price plan for everyone. 
  • You can try our FREE 14 day trial before committing to us. You can use the trial to test our platform, play around with the features, and make sure that our service suits your needs. No credit card needed to sign-up! 
  • Our digital flipbook maker platform is COMPLETELY ad free. We know how annoying ads can be, so we have made it one of our priorities to ensure that no ads appear, as part of our viewer, so your audience is not distracted. Furthermore, you can remove all of Paperturn’s branding, and take all the well-deserved, full credit for your publication.
  • We’re always here to help. We know that tackling a new online platform can sometimes be tricky, but we’re here to assist you through it all. Any questions or concerns you have - they will be answered and resolved by our attentive customer support team! They are available via online chat, email, phone and video call. So, if you’re ever in doubt - just contact us.

Here are some of our loyal customers that who love our online flipbook maker software:



So, when you’re ready to take that step and create a digital flipbook, Paperturn is at your service!

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