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Interactive Flipbook Features

Our easy-to-use flipbook system comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features. 

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Privacy & Security


Take full control of your flipbooks: You can password protect your flipbooks with username and password, limit access to your flipbooks to people in your workplace (IP-Whitelisting) and enable or disable share/print/download functions; for a fully customizable privacy solution. 


Learn more about your privacy options here.

Design Customisation

We offer advanced design customisation, allowing you to customise the look and user-experience of your flipbooks. 


Add page flipping sounds, insert your logo, colour customise the flipbook viewer, change the flipbook viewer language and much more!


Read more about customising your flipbook’s design here.

Easy-to-use Editor

We have specially developed our flipbook editor to be as simple and user-friendly as possible without compromising on quality and access to features. 


Using our system requires you to have no knowledge of programming; and if you ever need help we have a dedicated team of customer service representatives ready to help, as well as a getting started guide to ease you through the process.

Add Video /  Images / GIFs

Add images / GIFs directly into your flipbook to improve information comprehension and product visualisation. 


You can also add YouTube & Vimeo videos to help tell a company story, illustrate product instructions, highlight your services or simply to greet your readers.  


Learn more about our video and image / GIF features here.

SEO Optimisation

Your flipbooks will have rock-solid SEO optimisation built-in to increase your views, indexing and overall popularity online.


You can manage and customise page titles, keywords, descriptions and more to help your flipbooks be top performers and rank higher in Google searches. 


Learn more about SEO optimisation here.

Add Internal / External Links

Insert links to the content inside & outside of your flipbook to guide your readers and simplify the purchasing process for them with just a few clicks. 


With this feature, you can keep your publication text-light and highlight important information. 


Read more about adding hyperlinks here.

Share and embed
your flipbooks

You can integrate your flipbook directly into your website, complete with the page-turning effect! You can also share your flipbook in your blog or email signature, or to your social media channels to reach more readers. Whichever way you choose, your flipbook can be instantly opened on any device with a pixel-perfect look every time!

Even more great 

flipbook features...




Paperturn has no page upload limitations and offers you up to 512MB in file size to support all of your flipbook needs.


Connect your flipbook to your Google Analytics 4 account or use Paperturn’s built-in flipbook statistics to gain insightful information on who your readers are, how they found your flipbook, the device they used, their country of origin & more! Learn more.


“We love Paperturn! We’ve already had a few of our customers ask us about the system as they love our new presentation and how nicely your program works. We shopped around a lot before deciding to go with Paperturn. Thank you for doing such a great job!”


Ben Chabra - Amity Home



“Our readers absolutely love the experience from Paperturn! We’ve had favourable comments on how easy it is to follow the links to advertisers' sites, as well as many requests to stop the print version and switch to your digital flipbook system!”

Julie Main - AMB Publications





Paperturn offers you the option of using your own domain name in your flipbook’s URL - enabling you to have complete focus on your own brand. Read more here.



Available in more than 16 languages, the user-friendly viewer is specifically designed to satisfy your international audience’s linguistic needs.



Make swift changes to your flipbooks by simply overwriting your existing publication. You can choose to maintain existing links, videos and SEO page title/text for convenience - an excellent solution for publications which change often.




Paperturn’s API gateway feature enables you to search through all your publications directly from your website and always shows your newest publication to your visitors.


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