Online invitation maker

If you have invitations saved as PDF files, you can use Paperturn to automatically convert your invitation PDF file into online invitations - without having to create any new material for the Internet. 


Here are two examples of online invitationswedding invitation (2)




Create an invitation online - your own PDF file is the starting point

The Paperturn Online Invitations Maker runs online – it does not need to be downloaded. 
A PDF file is the only pre requisite for using the Paperturn Online Invitations Maker. 
It doesn't matter if your PDF file was created with InDesign, Word, PowerPoint or another type of software.
The Online Invitations Maker supports existing invitations of any size (e.g. A4, A5). (Create online presentations too!)


Invitation templates

Your Paperturn flipbook can be an invitationUntil now, when creating online invitations, it was necessary to develop completely new material specifically for the Internet – often using laborious templates.
Paperturn has developed an Online Invitations Maker with which templates are not necessary – with Paperturn, you simply upload your existing PDF file to automatically generate your new online flipbook invitations.
The result of this quick and easy process is an attractive invitation with a simulated "flip" page turn effect - giving the recipients the feel of a "real" invitation – and which is immediately accessible online (hosted by Paperturn).



Interactive features of the flipbook invitation

Although the Paperturn Online Invitations Maker generates online invitations automatically, it is possible to set it up manually, especially useful if you would like to create an interactive invitation.
Paperturn's Invitation Maker utilises the internet by allowing you to add videos - perhaps giving a feel of the upcoming event - for invitees to view.
Paperturn's Invitation Maker allows you to insert links -perhaps to sign up forms etc – within your flipbook invitations – which invitees can respond to.



Time and cost benefits of the Paperturn invitation maker

Time and cost benefits of the Paperturn invitation makerCompared to the costs of printing and distributing physical invitations, in most cases there are significant cost savings to be made by using Paperturn Online Invitations Maker.
There are no printing costs - distribution of the invitations can be done for free online.
The time-consuming / costly processes of physical distribution are avoided - there will be no more putting invitations into envelopes, applying postage, applying addresses, etc). Automated processes can be utilized online e.g. using your existing e-mailing lists. 

The Paperturn Online Invitations Maker has a feature that enables you to see statistics about the addressees of the invitations. These statistics are accessed via the settings in the online invitations maker.
The Online Invitations Maker enables you to use unconventional sizes (often used to create attention-grabbing invitations) but without the additional costs usually associated with printing unconventional sizes. 


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