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Publish your magazine online - the perfect, low-cost solution for staying industry relevant. Get all of the attention your magazine deserves with video, photo, linking, sharing and website integration capabilities.

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Digital Magazine Examples

Want some inspiration? Check out some trendy covers of flipbook magazines.

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Design Customization

Add custom colors, background images, personal branding and logos to your flipbook.

Internal / External Linking

Insert links to additional content inside & outside your flipbook to control the user experience & highlight important info.

Insert Images/GIFs/Video

Add videos and images/gifs to sell products, clarify concepts and increase user engagement.

Embed on Your Website

Embed your real, page-fIipping publication directly onto your website with a short piece of code.

SEO Optimization

Ensure the visibility of your flipbook and its content on Google and other search engine results pages.


Share your flipbook on social media or via a direct link that can be opened instantly on any device.

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your flipbook



Your flipbooks will be readable & responsive across all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) - without compromising on quality.

Google Analytics

Get a full overview of your flipbook’s performance through integration with Google Analytics or our via our simplified, built-in flipbook statistics.

Email Signature Use


Add your real, page-fIipping publication directly into your email signature so clients can see your flipbook every time you send an email!

Privacy Protection

Control who views your flipbook: enable username & password protection or IP-whitelisting and disable print/download/share functions.

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Company logos including Remax, Hilton, The Ritz-Carlton, Otis, Howard University, Siemens

Benefits of Using Paperturn

Ditch the printed magazine. Go digital with Paperturn and create interactive content to improve sales and readership



Visually Appealing Digital Magazines

Use Paperturn’s editor to insert beautiful pictures/gifs and videos directly into your digital magazine to create high-impact design and content retention. Captivate your readers with powerful photography that will jump off the pages. Paperturn supports a great number of formats and sizes to ensure a coherent page flow.
See how to insert images and links in your magazine



Mobile Magazines

Paperturn’s flipbook system uses HTML5 technology - making your magazine accessible and responsive across all devices (especially important when your readers view magazines on their phones). Readers can zoom in on the smallest picture detail or search for words in the online magazine to find their content of interest quickly.


Social Media Friendly

Once your digital magazine is published, you can simply share the link to any of your favorite social media hubs to effortlessly gain more readers. When readers click on your shared link, there is no upload or download time so your digital magazine can be opened instantly without any hassle! Learn how to easily share your publication on social media




Print & Control

Enable or disable the download, print and share functions of your online magazine and decide whether or not readers are able to share it further or read it offline. You can also control individual access by enabling a username/password combination. Either way, you have full control over your digital magazine.
Learn more about privacy settings


Get Shown on Google

Your digital magazine pages will have rock-solid SEO optimization built-in to increase your views, indexing and overall popularity online. You can manage and customize page titles, keywords, descriptions and more to help your digital magazine be a top performer and rank higher in Google searches.
Learn more about the SEO feature




Multiple Language Support

Our flipbook viewer is available in more than 14 major languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Chinese, etc.). You can impress current international readers with an experience designed specifically for their linguistic needs, or get exposure for your magazine in new international markets. 

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