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Instantly transform your printed PDFs into inexpensive, digital school brochures that are easy to update and distribute to parents, students & educators alike. Your brochures are responsive across all devices and come with loads of interactive features.

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Online School Brochures 

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Customize The Design

Use our design and branding tools to adjust the design of your flipbook to your school, use your school's logo and create a fitting CNAME.

Integrate Internal/External Links

Using external and internal linking, you can refer your readers to pages inside or outside your school brochure to give them more information.

Insert Images & GIFs

You can make your information and content more comprehensible by using appealing images or GIFs.

Embed on Your School Website

We provide you with your flipbook's iFrame, so you can easily integrate your school brochure into your website.

Optimize for Search Engines

Become discoverable and visible on Google and other search engines by adding metadata to your flipbook using our SEO tool - increase your visibility!

Share it With all Interested Parties

Share your school brochure on social media or via email and increase its reach!

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your flipbook

Multiple Language Support

Our flipbook viewer supports more than 14 languages (e.g., German, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic), offering you the chance to get in contact with people all over the globe.

Data Tracking 


With the help of our statistics features, you can easily track the performance of your school brochure - either via our simplified statistics or our GA4 integration.

By Email to Parents, Students & Teachers


You can embed your digital school brochure directly into your email signature and share it with all interested parties via email and social media.

Protect Your Brochure 


Using our privacy settings, you can decide who can open, share, and download your flipbook. You can even set a username and password and only share it with certain people.

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Benefits of Using Paperturn

Effectively reach parents & students and market your admissions brochure with the latest technology



Easily & Effectively Reach Parents & Students

Paper handouts and school brochures are costly to print and very ineffective in reaching both current and potential students and parents. With Paperturn, you can create online school handbooks & admissions brochures that are easily shared via email or social media and can be instantly opened across all devices


Track Data to Use for Your Email Marketing

You can gather information about your readers by activating the lead capture form. Let them put in their personal information like name and email address which you can use to contact them personally. Build and improve your email marketing strategy with the gathered information about potential future students, their parents, or other parties of interest.


Cost-Effective School Communication

Create inexpensive and enticing online school admissions and informational brochures that make an impact on parents and students. Save thousands of dollars in printing costs and reduce wasted marketing output. Help your school or university get exposure and in the ever-increasing digital market! Get started now!



100 % Accessible

What is more critical in today's online world than offering the same opportunities for everyone? Inclusive schools are becoming increasingly important, so our software and the flipbooks created with them are accessible to everyone. We are WCAG 2.1 AA Level compliant through our Disablitiy Interface Tool and the background AI-powered application.



Market your School’s Best Assets

Use Paperturn to insert beautiful YouTube / Vimeo videos of your school’s facilities, campus, dormitories and academic values & culture directly into your brochure! This will keep your readers on your brochure even longer. Captivate parents by providing them with interactive elements through our iFrame feature like interactive curriculum information.



Rock-Solid Academic Branding

Your school brochures will be SEO optimized to improve your Google ranking - increasing your traffic and overall online popularity. You can use Paperturn’s editor to customize the background and general design of your flipbook. Additionally, you can easily disable the Paperturn branding and add your school's logo and a fitting CNAME instead.


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