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Do you sell fashionable apparel? Do you need to showcase your photography? Do you want to collectively display your product photos in one place for marketing purposes? If your answer is “yes” to any of these questions - you are in need of an online lookbook. 

Our online lookbook creator can help you instantly transform any PDF (or other plainly formatted document) into a real-page turning, beautiful online lookbook.

Why choose an online lookbook?

You might be thinking, “why should I create an online lookbook instead of a paper one?” We have all the answers for you:


1. Digital lookbooks are hosted online, meaning that you don’t waste paper in the creation process. Helping the environment whilst still getting the job done is always a bonus!


2. Having an online version of your lookbook ensures that you don’t have to pay a fortune in distribution costs - all you need is one flipbook that can be sent out to as many people as you like!


3. While typos, errors and outdated images on printed lookbooks can’t be fixed, digital lookbooks allow you to update and edit any part of your document with ease. And these changes are communicated with your audience instantly (meaning you don’t have to resend the lookbook again).


4. You can easily track your digital lookbook’s analytics and examine viewer reactions. e.g. How many views you’re getting, study your marketing efforts and understand which generate the most traction. 


5. With our online flipbook creator you can also add tons of interactive features to upgrade the overall experience and look of your publication. This is key to holding your viewers’ attention, and it’s also something you can’t do with traditional lookbooks.

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Front and back cover of a lookbook

How to create an online lookbook

Outlined below are some simple steps that outline how to make a lookbook. 


Step 1: Upload your document.

Upload a PDF file of your lookbook to our online lookbook creator. Ensure that your file is no larger than 512MB and adheres to our optimal upload specifications for a perfect result.

Step 2: Design your digital lookbook.

Your PDF file will be transformed into an attractive digital lookbook, with real-page turning effect, in a matter of minutes. From there, you’ll be able to customize your lookbook’s background colors, in order to match your brand palette and give your flipbook some extra creative depth. 

Step 3: Customize your online lookbook.

Add your brand’s logo for a more personalized touch. Your logo represents your company and what it stands for, so don’t neglect this step! 

You can even go one step further and customize the URL to make sure that your new online lookbook is completely your own. 

Step 4: Add features to your lookbook.

Add interactive elements to WOW your viewers and keep them on each page for longer.  With Paperturn’s online lookbook creator you can add links, GIFs and videos to make your lookbook more attractive and engaging.

Step 5: Add even more interactive elements.

You can also incorporate lead capture forms into your lookbooks to gain valuable contacts that you can target later with your email marketing campaigns.

You can also add an advertising banner, displayed just beside the cover of your digital lookbook, to effectively announce promotions, campaigns or other updates that you want your viewers to know.

Want to give your viewers more information? With our online lookbook maker, you can add a small newsflash icon where you can include a link to your website or any other important information. 

Step 6: Optimize the pages of your interactive lookbook.

With Paperturn’s online lookbook maker you can easily make the pages of your digital lookbook fully SEO enhanced. This feature allows search engines like Google to easily index the pages of your lookbook and have you ranking at the top of the SERPs. 

Step 7: Track your lookbook’s progress.

Since Paperturn’s lookbook creator hosts your flipbooks online, you can easily track the progress of your digital publications. You can either use our built-in statistics tool, or combine your flipbook with our Google Analytics Integration 4 feature.

With these 7 key steps, you’ll have a professional, interactive and trackable online lookbook in no time. 

Online Lookbook Examples 

Need some inspiration or want to see some online lookbook examples that have been created using our software? We’ve got you covered.


Yves Lavallette - Digital Photography Lookbook

Veni - Online Lookbook Example

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