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Create stunning online invitations for every occasion that look exactly like elegant paper invitations with a real page-flip effect! Easily convert your PDF invitation in just a few clicks - save on printing costs, wow your guests with your unique invitation and instantly reach the people who matter.

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Online Invitation Examples

Get inspired and browse through our clients’ beautiful online invitations

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Change The Design

You can use different features to customize the design of your online invitation to suit you best, your event, or your company. You can even add entertaining background music!

Insert Internal/External Links

As part of our software, it is possible for you to add links to your digital invitation that will direct your readers to internal or external content and give them more info.

Add Captivating Videos

We offer different tools to insert Youtube/Vimeo videos into your invitation and make it more appealing to your potential guests.

Embed it Into Your Website

With Paperturn, embedding your online invitation into the backend of your website via iFrame is easy! Let everyone see your unique flipbook!

Let Google Find Your Invitation

Our SEO tool helps to optimize your digital invitation for search engines like Google and Bing to increase your reach and your overall popularity.

Share it Directly With Your Guests

You can super easily share your online invitation with your guests by sending it to them via social media or integrating it into an email.

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your flipbook

To be Opened Anywhere 


The use of HTML5 technology means your guests can easily open your invitation on any device and browser without having to cut back on quality.

Track Your Invitation 


You can track who opens and views your invitation easily by using our built-in statistics or take advantage of our Google Analytics 4 integration.

Easy to Share

With iFrame embedding, it's easy to include your digital invitation in your email signature and get it out to your guests.

Protect Your Invitation 

There are various security options available to you. For example, you can specify that only certain people can see your invitation.

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Benefits of Using Paperturn

Turn any event into a notable occasion by sending out beautiful and easy to respond to online invitations



Reach Your Guests

Working with people from different generations and cultural backgrounds means reaching them the best through various channels. With Paperturn, you have lots of opportunities to share your online invitation with your guests. You can send it via email or let them know about your event on social media. It's as simple as it can be!



Interactive Invitations

We all know about the advantages of interactivity. What about an invitation in which your potential guests can tell you directly if they'll be attending your event? You can add interactive elements like polls, maps, and more with our iFrame widget feature - all you need is one little piece of code, and it's done!


Visual Representation

Nothing increases anticipation more than knowing how beautiful the venue is and how exciting the event will be! Attract your guests' interest and make sure they'll come by inserting appealing videos of your event location or the event itself (if it's a reoccurring one).




Privacy Options

You don't want to publish your invitation publicly? No worries, we got you covered! Within your security settings, you can decide whether to publish your online invitation publicly or privately. You can use IP-Whitelisting if you want only certain people to view your invitation.



Brand Yourself

With Paperturn, you can get all the credit for your beautiful invitation! Use our design and branding features to be recognized by your guests. You can create your own CNAME and, at the same turn off the Paperturn branding. Be unique and memorable with an interactive online invitation!





Easy Editing, Effective Working

Do you need to change the time, venue, or anything else around your event? No worries, with Paperturn making changes, is easy! Use our overwrite function to implement changes without starting all over again. Your changes will be instantly seen in your already embedded invitation.



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