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Welcome to Paperturn's flipbook guide! Here, you'll find tutorials on everything you need to know to create, edit and share your beautiful flipbooks.


Account Settings

This can be found in the top right corner of the page. Here you can manage your account details and the general settings for your PDF flipbooks.




Overview for all of your flipbooks and slots

As illustrated by the example below, you will be able to see your uploaded publications displayed within the numbered slots. New flipbooks can be uploaded onto your slots at any time; for example, if you have bought 5 slots, you can have 5 flipbooks active at once. However, if you choose to overwrite a flipbook, Paperturn will give you the option to keep all of your previously uploaded links and videos. 




Settings for a specific PDF flipbook

Click on one of your slots containing a PDF flipbook to see its settings. 



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