Get started and create your first flipbook


STEP 1: Upload your PDF

To create your flipbook, log-in to your account and click “Publications”. Click the large blue “ADD” button and select the PDF file you wish to upload. Uploading & conversion time varies depending on file size. 



STEP 2: View your flipbook and flipbook settings

To view your flipbook click “Open”. To access the settings dashboard click “Settings”.



STEP 3: Change sharing & indexing permissions 

Visit “Settings” and click the “Edit” tab. Select the type of viewing & indexing permissions you wish to set on your flipbook. For example:


  • Set your flipbook to active or inactive.

  • Choose whether readers should have the option to share your flipbook.

  • Choose whether you’ll allow readers to download your flipbook.

  • Choose whether you’ll allow search engines (like Google or Bing) to be able to find your flipbook.


STEP 4: Customize your flipbook 


1) Customize the flipbook’s design

You have two options to customize the design of your flipbook(s).  

  • Customize the global design of all of your flipbooks.

  • Customize the design of each individual flipbook.

Visit our guide on how to customize the flipbook’s design and colors for detailed instructions.


2) Upload and insert your logo(s)

You have two options when choosing logo(s):

  • Select a global account logo to appear on all of your flipbooks.

  • Select an individual logo per flipbook.

Visit our guide on how to upload and insert logo(s) for detailed instructions.



STEP 5: Edit your flipbook information

To edit your flipbook’s title, description, keywords and more, visit “Settings” and click on the “Edit” tab.


*Notice: Remember to save the changes by clicking “Save”. 


STEP 6: Edit your personal information

To change your personal information and password click “Personal Settings” in the drop-down menu.



STEP 7: Edit your billing information

To edit your billing address, add a billing email or insert your VAT number, click “Billing Information” in the drop-down menu.


STEP 8: View your payment history

To view your invoices click “Payment History” in the drop-down menu.



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