Embed a preview image with a link to your flipbook onto your website

Embed a captivating image of your flipbook with the flip effect onto your website with a built-in link to your full flipbook. When your readers click on the image, it will allow them to open your flipbook in fullscreen while still browsing your website.

Follow the steps below to embed a preview image of your flipbook onto your website:

STEP 1: Log into your account and go to Publications.

STEP 2:  Select the flipbook you wish to embed.

STEP 3: Click on the “Embed” tab.

STEP 4:  Select the “Picture” option instead of “Default (SCRIPT / IFRAME)”.

STEP 5: Customization

Here is the step where you choose how you would like the flipbook image to look when you embed it onto your website. You can choose whether you would like the flipbook to display a 1-page or 2-page spread, and exactly which page or page(s) you wish to display. You can also choose the size/resolution of the image of the flipbook. Once you’ve chosen all of your desired settings, proceed to Step 6.


Step 6:  Copy the preview image by clicking on “Copy to clipboard”.

Step 7: Go to your website and paste (CTRL + V or Command + V (Mac)) the image where you wish to insert the preview image. Save the changes to your website.

You’re done!

We have embedded a flipbook onto this page, to show you how it will look: 


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