How to add additional users to your flipbook account (teams)

If you’re working in an organization where several people need access to your flipbook account, Paperturn’s team feature fits the bill! You can now collaborate easily with your colleagues or external partners, and control who can access what, by assigning permissions and roles to specific team members. 

**Please note, the Teams feature is only available with our Pro subscription. Neither our free 14-day trial nor our Basic subscription allows for access to this feature.**

Let’s get started!

How to add new team members to your flipbook account

STEP 1: In the dashboard, click on “Account settings” and then on the “TEAM” tab. To invite a new user to your account, click on “INVITE A USER”. *Note: You’re able to have up to 10 users per account.


 A user’s account settings are open. The tab “Team” along with the option “Invite a user” are highlited



STEP 2: Type in the email address of the person you want to add to your team, assign them a role (you can choose between Viewer, Editor or Admin) and click “SEND INVITE”.


“Invite a user” popup is shown, displaying the field “email” and the three different roles for the three different roles for the team members


We have put together 4 different roles that can be assigned to team members:


  • Owner - Owners have full access to the account as well as the ability to delete the account. The owner receives all account-related communications, such as billing, reminders, marketing emails, etc. They are also the only one who has the ability to pass ownership onto a different team member. There can only be one owner per account.
  • Admin - Admins have full access to the account, minus the ability to terminate the account.
  • Editor - Editors have the ability to create, edit and share flipbooks, and see statistics. They do not have access to billing information, subscription changes, or team management.
  • Viewer -  Viewers only have the ability to view flipbooks, see their statistics, share them on social media and embed them within emails or websites. They cannot create or edit flipbooks and do not have access to any other features within the account. 
STEP 3: Your team member will receive an invitation to join your account via email. If the team member successfully sets up their account, you will see them as a user in the teams tab. If they have not yet created their account, their invite will remain pending under “PENDING INVITATIONS”. You also have the ability to re-send or revoke their invitation.


 Screenshot of the teams tab, showing a user has been successfully added


Screenshot of the teams tab, showing a pending invitation


How to remove a team member 

You can easily remove a team member from your account if you’re an owner or admin. Next to each team member there’s a “DELETE” button which, when selected, will remove the user from the account. This action can’t be undone, but you can always re-invite the team member back to your account at a later stage.


 A user’s account settings are open, along with the “Team” tab. The option “DELETE” is highlighted

How to edit a team member’s permissions 

You can also easily edit a team member’s permissions if you’re an owner or admin by clicking on the “EDIT” button beside their name.

 Within the “Team” tab, the option “EDIT” is highlighted


A pop-up window will display that allows you to change their role / permissions. Once you’re done selecting their new permission level, click “SAVE”. The user’s permission level will automatically update thereafter.   “Edit user level permissions” pop-up displays. The button “SAVE” is highlighted.



How to transfer account ownership to another team member

Only the owner of the account can transfer ownership to another person, and that person must be a current team member in the account in order to transfer ownership. If the person you wish to transfer ownership to is not already a team member, you must first invite them to join your account. 
STEP 1: In order to transfer ownership to another team member in your account, click on the “EDIT” button beside the name of the person you wish to transfer ownership to.


 Within the “Team” tab, the option “EDIT” is highlighted


STEP 2: In the “Edit user level permissions” pop-up, select “Owner” as User Type and click “Save”.  


 Within the “Team” tab, the option “EDIT” beside the user is highlighted 


STEP 3: Before proceeding with ownership transfer, you must confirm your choice by clicking “CONFIRM”.

 Popup displays, asking for user’s confirmation to transfer account ownership


How to switch between accounts if you’re a team member in multiple Paperturn accounts 

If your email address is connected to multiple Paperturn accounts, you’re able to easily switch between your accounts by clicking on the “Client” icon in the top left hand corner of your dashboard. From there, you can select the account you’d like to switch to.The tab “Account settings” is open. In the top left corner, a drop-down menu with other available ac


If you work with a lot of team members / many flipbooks, you might be interested in our flipbook tags feature for easier account organization.


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