How to insert your flipbook into your email signature

Send an email with a beautiful image of your flipbook in it to your clients or add your flipbook into your email signature for maximum exposure. Whichever you choose, the process of doing so is quite simple, and the outcome looks professional and enticing for viewers to click!

Example of an email with an embedded flipbook 


STEP 1: Choose the flipbook you wish to insert into your email signature

Select a flipbook from the Paperturn dashboard


STEP 2: Click on the “Embed” tab

Click on the embed button


STEP 3: Select the “Picture” option instead of “Default (SCRIPT / IFRAME)” 

Select the Picture option, shown above the flipbook preview


STEP 4: Customization

Decide how you would like your flipbook to look like when inserted in your email signature. You can choose between a single or double-page spread and you can choose exactly which page(s) you would like to display. Finally, you can also select the size/resolution of the flipbook image. Once you’ve finished customizing, advance to Step 5.


Choose the size and select the option for 2 pages to be shown




Click the orange Copy to Clipboard button, shown underneath the flipbook preview



STEP 6: Open your email signature settings and paste the copied flipbook 

The flipbook image already has an auto-generated link that will direct to the full version of your flipbook when clicked.


Example of an email with an embedded publication in the email signature


You’re all finished! You can also embed your flipbook into your website.



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