Change the language on the flipbook viewer

Our flipbook viewer is available in more than 14 major languages (English, German, Spanish, French, Danish, etc.). 


You can impress current international clients with an experience designed specifically for their linguistic needs or expand into new international markets with our multi-lingual flipbook viewer.


See below for the steps to change Paperturn’s viewer language:


STEP 1: Select which flipbook you would like to change the viewer language on.


STEP 2: Select “Settings” and then select the “Edit” tab.




STEP 3: On the right side of the edit window, select the “Language” tab and use the dropdown menu to choose the language you wish to have the flipbook viewer in.



STEP 4: Click Save.



STEP 5: You're done! You can open your flipbook in the viewer to see the viewer’s language change.



*Notice: Changing the language of the viewer does NOT change the language in the publication itself.



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