FAQ about Paperturn flipbook system

Will I be able to send this flipbook as an email attachment?

No. The high efficiency of your flipbooks is ensured by the fact that the flipbooks are hosted in "the cloud" with advanced software on our servers. But you can, of course, link to your flipbook in your emails. That way you can update your flipbooks at any time and still keep the same link. Click here to find out more...



Is there any limitation on how many pages my flipbooks can have?

No, your flipbooks can have unlimited pages with Paperturn.



If I purchase one flipbook, can I simply re-upload PDF files on to this?

Yes. If you have multiple PDF files, you can overwrite a "publication slot" at any time and as often as you wish. However, this will only allow one flipbook to be published online at any one time; if you wish to have numerous flipbooks active together, you will need to purchase more "slots".


Where will my logo be?

Your logo will be shown when your publication loads. If you wish your logo to be constantly displayed behind your flipbook, you may want to create a background image that incorporates your logo and upload this onto your account.





What is a private publication?

A private publication cannot be viewed by everyone or shared via social media.

There are two ways you can allow access to a private publication:

1. Define a username / password combination and share it.
2. Enable the IP addresses of those you give permission.


Detailed instructions of how to set this up can be found here.



Does Paperturn take care of the hosting of my flipbooks?

Yes, and Paperturn also takes care of automatic backup.



Is it possible to have my flipbooks embedded into my own website or use it as a file?

No. The high efficiency of your flipbooks is ensured by the fact that the flipbooks are hosted in "the cloud". But you can of course link to your flipbooks from your website.

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