Flipbook Privacy Protection and Security Settings

Flipbook privacy features



Prevent others from viewing, downloading, sharing or printing your flipbook by using our range of privacy protection options:


Sharing controls

Control your content by enabling/disabling the print, download and share functions.



Prevent Google and other search engines from displaying your flipbook in search results by disabling search engine indexing; this way, only people with access to your flipbook’s direct link can view it.

Password protection

Ensure complete privacy by setting a username/password on your flipbook to protect sensitive information.  In this case, no one can share or access your flipbook unless they have been given the username/password combination.


The perfect solution for businesses - with our Pro subscription you can limit access to your flipbook via IP-address; meaning that only people connected to your IP-network can view your flipbook. You can enter a combination of single IPs, wildcard ranges and set IP ranges.

Read more about how to protect your flipbooks in our guide.


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