A flipbook is an interactive, HTML5 online publication that has the look and feel of a real, page-turning publication (complete with page-turning sound effects, page shadows and more). Flipbooks are currently used to replace conventional digital PDFs and paper-based documents such as reports, presentations, magazines, catalogs, brochures, books and more. A digital flipbook looks and feels exactly like a printed publication with pages that can be flipped and turned - without the cost of printing! 



Flipbooks also have many interactive features:  the ability to add YouTube videos, pictures and links, SEO optimization, design customization, built-in statistics, embedding and more. You can read about all of the features that come with your flipbook here.


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Simply put, online flipbooks can be used by anyone. The majority of our clientele are corporations or business owners, but we've also got individual clients using flipbooks for social purposes like invitations, weddings and school publications.


Here are some examples of our typical clients:


     - a photographer showcasing their portfolio
     - an auto parts company with their parts catalog
     - a spa with their service and pricing brochure
     - a restaurant with their digital menu
     - a corporation with its annual business report or employee


     - a real estate agent sharing their property brochure

     - a hotel with their activities brochure 

     - a non-profit organization with its information pamphlet


...the options are endless. 


Magazines & Ebooks

Flipbooks are used for publishing online magazines and eBooks due to their "real-feel" page-turning effect and their responsive clarity & sharpness on all screens and devices. Easy to edit and distribute, flipbooks are used for fashion and lifestyle magazines, cookbooks, children's books, university admissions books, scholarly journals, etc. For more inspiration, browse through our selection of magazine examples and eBook examples.



Catalogs & Brochures

Flipbooks are also used in e-commerce for digital product catalogs & brochures. These flipbooks can easily be sent to prospective customers via a simple, clickable link - which opens the publication instantly (flipbooks have no upload or download time). Accessible across all devices, digital brochures are utilized by companies to create low-cost, engaging marketing deliverables that promote their business to a larger audience. Browse our catalog and brochure examples for more inspiration.  




Annual and financial report flipbooks are the ultimate solution for the corporate world as they provide an easy and engaging way to keep key stakeholders informed. Additionally, the flipbooks’ privacy and security features make them suitable to safeguard sensitive information. Learn more about security features and see report examples here.



Digital Menu Cards

Digital menu flipbooks offer customers realistic, appetizing and interactive experiences with your food. Statistics show that people are over 50% more likely to visit your restaurant and choose upgraded food options when viewing an appealing digital menu. Digital menus also allow restaurants to promote themselves and reach potential customers during off-hours. Finally, connecting the menu to Google Analytics allows you to gain insight into your consumers’ demographics and purchasing behavior. 

Real Estate

Flipbooks can turn buying/selling guides, property feature sheets and realtor branding material into SEO optimized, online publications. You can easily increase your ranking on Google when home seekers search for realtors and expand your overall reach by sending your brand materials via a link. Flipbooks display seamlessly, have a superior image resolution and allow for interactive video and link integration to enhance every property feature sheet. Browse through our real estate examples and learn more about their benefits.







  • EMBEDDED ON A WEBSITE  - Easily embed your interactive, page-flipping flipbook directly onto your website, promoting even more exposure of your flipbook and giving your website a professional look. Read more about embedding here





A PDF is a file which is edit-protected and formatted to always display the way it was originally designed. PDFs only allow for time-consuming scrolling up and down in the document and a text search function. They are also difficult for search engines like Google to index.

On the other hand, a flipbook is a digital publication that is formatted to look like a real publication with a page-turning effect, a shadow in the middle and even a page-flipping sound. It is responsive and available across all devices which makes it much easier for the user to navigate through in comparison to the PDF. Additionally, internal links to other pages in the flipbook can be inserted to facilitate navigation and enhance the user experience.

Each flipbook has a unique link you can use to easily share via email or social media. Unlike PDFs, flipbooks are instantly displayed once the user clicks on the link - no more upload or download time for either you or your clients. Additionally, flipbooks are much more easily indexed by Google than PDFs, meaning your flipbooks will help you rank higher in search engine searches. 


With a customizable design, easy-to-add images and simple overwrite functions, flipbooks provide flexibility and convenience that a traditional PDF cannot. To learn more about all the helpful features a flipbook has, click here.


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