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A PDF file of a magazine can quickly and automatically be transformed into an online magazine using Paperturn. No programming is necessary, and your finished product will be an attractive, user friendly and professional online magazine.
An online magazine, also known as an emagazine, is a magazine which has been developed specifically for digital platforms, which allows it to take advantage of the unique possibilities available on digital platforms such as interactivity.  If you have a PDF file containing a magazine, you can create an online magazine immediately using Paperturn. The process is automated, and your online magazine will be fully functional immediately.


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Convert your pdf into an online magazine with PaperturnThe purpose of Paperturn is to make it possible to generate an online magazine automatically, using an existing PDF file.  If you have published a physical magazine, for instance, and are therefore already in possession of a PDF file with a magazine, you can use the same PDF file to create your online magazine using Paperturn. There is no need for programming etc., which is often a major barrier when creating an online product (such as an online magazine).
Paperturn was designed with the intention of generating online magazines which give readers an experience similar to that of a real magazine.  Paperturn online magazines are created with the structure, look, etc. of real magazines - Paperturn online magazines are professionally presented, substantial  products, and each one is unique; they are not "generic digital products".
During the transformation from a PDF file to an online magazine, the pages of your PDF file are specifically structured to appear like a real magazine.  Your online magazine will be presented with facing pages which can be turned / flipped over.  When the pages are turned over in the online magazine, one page does not simply lead to the next one; a visual effect is shown, which realistically imitates the physical movement of pages being turned over.  What you will create is an online magazine that will give its readers a rich experience, which although online is very similar to that of a traditional paper magazine.

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It is possible to make custom adjustments

Although the main purpose of Paperturn is to make it possible to generate an online magazine automatically and quickly, the system also offers other options: it is possible to add videos to an online magazine manually.  If you want to integrate a YouTube video into your online magazine, you can do that via the settings in Paperturn. The video will be integrated into the online magazine so that it can be played from directly inside your online magazine (not in a new window), thus the magazine remains invisible.

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Publish your own magazine

Publish your own magazineIf you haven't published a magazine before, but would like to publish your own magazine, publishing an online magazine is a great way to do it. With an online magazine, you can enter your target market without being hindered by the usual serious barriers – the high cost, labour intensive and time-consuming work load associated with printing and publishing a traditional physical magazine will not apply.




How to make your online magazine

Paperturn is specifically intended for generating online magazines automatically.  As long as you have a PDF file of a magazine, you can create your online magazine rapidly.

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