Paperturn & the Australian Privacy Act and Australian Privacy Principles


The Australian Privacy Act (APA) and Australian Privacy Principles (APP)

establish a structured framework on how to collect, process, use, and share personal information, giving individuals greater control over the way their information is handled. Paperturn is committed to full compliance with the requirements of the APA & APP. This includes:


● Having a dedicated privacy team to ensure that your information and privacy are protected, and that we remain compliant with applicable data protection and privacy regulations;


● Being transparent and fair in our data processing activities – our Privacy Policy thoroughly details how we process personal information – and for which purposes;


● Having procedures for handling data subject requests, suspected incidents concerning personal information, and regular privacy training for all relevant members on our staff;


● Ensuring that your personal information remains protected pursuant to overseas transfers; The obligations imposed on ‘Businesses’ outline the limits of ‘sale’ of personal information and define specific actions that Businesses are required to perform, such as (but not only): Securing your personal information using industry-standard physical, procedural and technical measures.

If you have any questions concerning Paperturn's privacy program and our compliance with the Australian Privacy Act & Principles, please feel free to contact our Data Protection Officer & Privacy Team at

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