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Do you have a traditional paper catalog that you want to convert into an online catalog? All you need is the PDF file version, and you're half-way there! Simply upload the PDF file onto our digital catalog maker software and in a few minutes your old-style catalog will be transformed into a revitalised HTML5 flipbook


How to create a digital catalog

Creating an interactive catalog doesn’t have to be a hard task. At Paperturn, we make it easy for you to try our product first, before committing. We offer all new-users a FREE 14-day trial where you can upload your PDF file and immediately see it blossom into a digital masterpiece. You’ll then have the option to add a multitude of features that will enhance the look and feel of your catalog, via our online catalog maker.

Make your online catalog stand out from the rest by following these tips:

  • Add images, GIFs, links and videos to keep your audience engaged

Flipbook editor - add links, images and videos


  • Customise your online flipbook by adding a logo and background colours that correspond to your brand image

  • Integrate a shopping cart within your catalog (keep reading to find out how!)

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What are the benefits of creating a digital catalog? 

1) Less Paper goes to Waste

Having a digital solution for your catalog saves the environment and cuts out the need to use paper. After all, everything is online nowadays, so why should your product catalog be an exception?


2) No Distribution Costs

Say goodbye to having to send out thousands of paper catalogs to be able to reach your customers. All you need to do is send out your digital catalog via social media, email or embed in straight onto your site. 


3) The Ability to Add Interactive Elements

It’s never been easier to add your product listing links into your online catalog. You can also add videos that give customers a 360° view of your products.


4) Let your Clients Shop Directly from your Digital Catalog

Take advantage of our shopping cart feature, and your customers will thank you for it. Our shopping cart feature allows your customers to place orders directly from your catalog and add your products to a Wish List or Shopping cart. It’s never been easier to get those orders in!


Online catalog with shopping cart feature


5) Your Online Catalog can be Accessed from Anywhere

At Paperturn we know that responsiveness is extremely important. That’s why we’ve made sure that our viewer can display your online catalog perfectly on all devices - no matter if it’s an Apple, Android, Windows (or any other) device. This means that your clients can order and view your products from anywhere and at any time - via your digital catalog!


6) Make Alterations Easily

If there are any changes to your pricing or product line, you can communicate these changes directly in your digital catalog, and all recipients will immediately have the updated information. It’s a really effective way of keeping your customers informed and up-to-date. All you need to do is make use of our overwrite feature. 


Unsure of what an interactive catalog looks like?

Here are a few digital catalog examples to inspire you! Click on the images below to view.


Ledge Lounger - Digital Catalog Example:



The North Face Online Catalog Example:



Need help with creating your digital catalog? Don’t fret - we have a super attentive customer support team that can help you with anything. Feel free to contact us at any time, and we’ll be at your disposal.


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