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Do you have a PDF file for a paper-based catalog, which you would like to replicate for distribution in digital form?
With the Paperturn PDF Converter you can quickly, easily and automatically convert your existing PDF file into a stylish, complimentary digital catalog.
The Paperturn PDF Converter will not only greatly improve the look of your digital catalog; it has been specifically designed to optimise the impact that your Converted PDF file will have in the digital world. Learn more.


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Online catalog

PaperturnInstead of creating and paying for a completely new digital catalog you can use Paperturn to create a digital catalog using already existing PDF files. In this way you achieve a revitalisation of your material which is inexpensive, quick and easy and which replicates your existing/current physical catalog.
Most companies will have their catalogs stored in PDF form, (usually because these files have already been used for printing physical catalogs). In many cases, it would be extremely useful to be able to replicate and distribute the same catalog online on digital platforms (website, social media etc.). However, PDF files are neither professional looking nor presentable enough to use as effective online selling tools.
If your digital catalog is to compliment your physical catalog, to make an impression as professional as that of your physical catalog, or to have any impact in the digital world, then you need much more than un-presentable PDF files.
With Paperturn, your existing PDF file is automatically transformed into an attractive, user friendly digital catalog. 
When you use Paperturn to convert your PDF file into a digital catalog, your customers will be presented with attractive, facing pages which can be turned/flipped over. Your digital catalog will have the "look and feel" of a physical Catalog.
Your Converted PDF file will also benefit from several enhanced design elements, including search engine optimization – specifically incorporated into the Paperturn PDF Converter to increase awareness / the online presence of your Paperturn Catalog. 
Use your new Paperturn Digital Catalog to enhance services to your existing customers or perhaps to completely replace the physical catalog – thereby cutting costs.
Use your new Paperturn Digital Catalog to reach new online customers - to improve your website performance or to share your Converted Digital Catalog on social platforms. 
Share all of your new Paperturn Digital Catalog, or share individual pages.

Making an impact in the digital world

When your PDF file is converted into a digital catalog using Paperturn, part of the automatic process is that each individual page of the catalog is given its own specific address. This means that not only can your customer access the whole catalog, it is easy to provide links or direct them to content on specific pages of your Paperturn Digital Catalog.
This is particularly useful for product catalogs, where customers will be able to go directly to specific pages with specific products.
If your customer notices a product on a particular page in your digital catalog, they can easily save the address to that page. Your customer will also be able to share pages from your catalog on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
Additionally, existing customers and potential new customers will be able to find the individual pages of your digital catalog via Google. Each individual page of your digital catalog is specifically optimized to achieve higher Google placings.


Mobile devices

You can see your Paperturn flipbook on mobile devices tooIn the digital world, contact with consumers is increasingly being established via smartphones and tablets - with many spontaneous purchases now being made by this sector.
The Paperturn Digital Catalog has been designed for optimal use on mobile devices. Customers can swipe through the pages of your digital catalog, and can go to specific pages from a directory; the user does not have to scroll through a comprehensive file.
Today’s online consumer expects to be able to access the information they want immediately, and at any time. Paperturn Digital Catalogs meet this need, and are compatible with all mobile devices.

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How to use Paperturn to make a digital catalog

Turning a PDF file into a Paperturn Digital Catalog is a quick and easy process:
  • Your PDF file is uploaded and a digital catalog is created automatically. 
  • If you need more than one digital catalog, you simply select more slots.
  • The system is not limited to catalogs of a certain size such as A4. As long as the file is a PDF, the dimensions do not matter - a digital catalog can be created.

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