How to enable a shopping cart on your flipbook

With our PRO subscription, you can easily sell your products via your flipbook’s shopping cart, where your shoppers can shop & order directly from your flipbook! Your shoppers can also create wish lists to send to friends and family for gift ideas for all occasions. 

You can enable the shopping cart / wish list on your flipbook by following the 3 steps below:

  • Enable the shopping cart feature on your desired flipbook
  • Customize the shopping cart’s options
  • Add product links over the products in your flipbook 



STEP 1: How to enable the shopping cart feature

1.1) Select the flipbook you’d like to use to sell your products. Click on the “SHOPPING CART” tab in the flipbook’s settings.

How to add a shopping cart STEP 1 (1)


1.2) To enable the shopping cart function on your flipbook, select “Activate Shopping Cart”.

How to add a shopping cart STEP 1 (2)


STEP 2: How to customize the shopping cart’s options

2.1) Select which type of “shopping cart” experience you’d like to enable for your shoppers. You can select either:
  • Shopping Cart - When shoppers put items into their shopping cart and “checkout” - the order placed will go directly to your company for processing. 
  • Wish List - When shoppers put items into their shopping cart and “checkout” - their wish list will be emailed to the contact of their choice (friend, family member, colleague etc). This option is great for gift/wedding registries.

How to add a shopping cart STEP 2 (1)

2.2) After selecting the shopping cart experience, you should customize your shopping cart’s order form by adding your desired text into the input fields and choosing  the appropriate currency for your products to be displayed in. You can add and customize additional order form fields by clicking on the “ADD ANOTHER FIELD” button. Once finished, click "SAVE CHANGES".

How to add a shopping cart STEP 2 (2)

2.3) After you’ve inserted text into each input field and saved your changes,  you can preview how your order form will look to your shoppers. 

2.4) Once you’re done customizing your order form, select “CUSTOMIZE CONFIRMATION MESSAGE AND EMAIL”. Here, you can customize the content of the confirmation message and email your clients receive after ordering.

How to add a shopping cart STEP 2 (4)


STEP 3: How to activate discount codes for your shoppers to use at checkout

3.1) To enable the discount code function on your flipbook’s shopping cart, click on the “Activate Discount Code” Box.

How to add a shopping cart STEP 3 (1)

3.2) Click on “”ADD DISCOUNT”.  In the field “Discount Code #1”, type in the code your clients would enter to receive their discount (For example: SAVE10, BOXINGDAY, DEAL25 etc.). In the “Discount %” field, type in the percentage of the discount. This percentage amount will be deducted from your client’s total order at checkout.


How to add a shopping cart STEP 3 (2) 


3.3) To add a second discount code, click “ADD ANOTHER DISCOUNT”  and repeat step 3.2. Once finished, click "SAVE CHANGES". 

*Please note: A maximum of 2 discount codes can be active at once.



STEP 4: How to add product links over products in your flipbook


4.1) Once you have enabled and set up the shopping cart, you will be able to add product links over the products in your flipbook. Click on LINKS/VIDEO & SEO in the flipbook’s settings.


How to add a shopping cart STEP 4 (1)



4.2) Click on “LINKS & VIDEOS”.

Click on the blue Links and Videos button

3.3) Click on “INSERT LINK”.

Click Insert Link
3.4) Select the “Product” option and insert product name, product-ID (if relevant) and price and click “OK” when finished.

Choose Product as the Type of Link, fill out the product information fields and click the blue OK button

3.5) Voila! You’ve added your first product link. You can continue this process as many times as you wish and add as many product links as you wish within your flipbook.



Click on the flipbook below to see this feature in action: 

Shopping Cart Example - BEAUTY CROP



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