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Do you have a complex information system, product or policy that poses a lot of questions from your users? Why not create a digital manual / guide within a few minutes; by using Paperturn’s online user manual creator, to include detailed answers to all your customers’ questions. 

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By using Paperturn, you can easily and automatically convert your existing user manual’s PDF file into an online user manual. All you have to do is upload your existing PDF to our platform and we will transform it for you. Give your clients a user manual with a real, traditional “page-turning” feel, with a digital twist! 

How do I use the online user manual creator?

Using our platform is simple, and here here’s how to get the most out of your (Basic or Pro) subscription with us:

First and foremost - upload your PDF file and watch as your static PDF file transforms into a digital user manual within a matter of minutes. 

1) Add background colours to your online user manual to make it look more attractive for your viewers. You can also add your own logo, to ensure that your manual communicates your brand identity.

2) Insert links, images and GIFs to your online publication.

3) Add YouTube or Vimeo videos to demonstrate how to use your information system or product. (Available with Pro only)


Online Manual Creator - Insert links and videos

4) Customise your online user manual’s domain name and remove all Paperturn branding so that only your company gets full credit for the unique format that your content is presented on. (Available with Pro only)

5) Embed your online user manual onto your site, so that your customers can read through your content directly from there.

6) Include your digital user guide into the body of your emails, to  showcase the most important pages of your flipbook to your recipients.


7) Add a lead capture form to your digital user manual so you can gain important leads and have your customers’ contact information in case you have any system or product updates to share with them. (Available with Pro only)

8) Add a multitude of other interactive features to help your users visualise your content and follow through your manual with little effort.

And, if you have any product updates or changes - like a new software or additional features - all you have to do is update the content of your digital manual within the Paperturn platform, by using our overwrite function, and all recipients will immediately have access to the new information. Instant communication has never been easier. 

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What makes Paperturn a great online manual creator?

The Paperturn online manual creator is designed to be user-friendly and simple to use  (even your grandma can become a Paperturn-wizz). We have also ensured that our online user manual creator is available for everyone to use - as our platform and dashboard is completely ADA compliant! We’re also always committed to creating new and innovative features that will help your digital publications get even more recognition from your viewers. Don’t miss a feature update!

At Paperturn, our customers come first. Whatever you, as our client, need- we will go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. You can contact our attentive customer support team via phone, email or chat.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our FREE 14 day trial and create an innovative online user manual for your viewers and impress them right from the very first page!


Examples of publications designed using the online manual creator:

QuickFit Online Manual Example:



Allergy Testing Online Manual Example: 



Product Online Manual Example: 


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