Set a custom URL (domain) on your flipbooks


Share a flipbook with your company's URL instead of Paperturn's URL. 


With our PRO subscription, you're able to set a custom URL (domain) per flipbook - meaning, you can have several unique URLs per account. 


*This feature requires a lot of technical knowledge in addition to access to your domain's DNS settings. Please have a technical member of your team assist you when setting this feature up.




Your website is called:


You want to create custom URL for your flipbook that shows the keyword “catalog”, so that your flipbook's URL would be


STEP 1: Create a CNAME in your DNS service provider


  • You need to create a CNAME record within your own domain DNS service to route queries for publications.
  • The CNAME needs to point to 



  • If you have the possibility to insert TTL, just ignore it or insert default value.

*Notice: It can take from 1 minute to 6 hours before the changes from your DNS host are active.


STEP 2: Insert your CNAME in Paperturn


  • (2.1) Wait 1 day before inserting your new CNAME in Paperturn's system. We want to ensure the CNAME is activated in your DNS. 
  • (2.2) After 1 day, log into your Paperturn account and select the flipbook you wish to apply the custom domain name to.  Visit the "Edit" tab and click on "Advanced settings".

Choose a flipbook, click the Edit tab and then Advanced Settings


  •  (2.3) Insert your CNAME in the CNAME field. 

In the field in the bottom right hand corner, add the cname


  • (2.4) Save the changes.

Click the blue Save button underneath the cname field



  • (2.5) If your CNAME is valid and accepted, you'll receive a confirmation message under the CNAME field.

A green Cname Activated notification displayed under the cname field






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