How to overwrite your flipbook

With the overwrite function you can easily update and make changes to your flipbook while maintaining the same link you previously shared to your network. 


You can also choose to maintain existing links within your flipbook, videos and SEO page titles/text for convenience. This feature is an excellent solution for monthly/quarterly publications.


***Please note, we always keep your PDF file safe and secure by ensuring that it is non-destructive. This means that any changes and additions made to your flipbook via the Paperturn Editor will not be translated back to your original PDF file.



To overwrite a flipbook, select the publication you wish to overwrite. In the publication's settings in the bottom left corner click the button "OVERWRITE".

Select a flipbook from your Paperturn account, click on the Info tab and select the red Overwrite button


STEP 2: Select the new / updated PDF file from your computer.

STEP 3: Use the option boxes below to select if you want to preserve existing hyperlinks & videos, page titles, descriptions, keywords and page text. (*note: in cases of minor publication changes such as image replacement, end-page addition, spelling corrections, etc., keeping your existing hyperlinks/titles/videos will save you a lot of time).

Choose a file by clicking Select File and choose overwriting preferences

STEP 4: Once you have selected the file and which elements you want to preserve, click on “OVERWRITE AND SAVE”. 


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