How to add a lead capture form to your flipbook

You can enable a lead capture form on your flipbook which requires users to insert their information (like name, email or phone number) before they can see your flipbook. It allows you to collect leads right within your publication, track who accesses your publication and measure how they interacted with it. You can then take those leads and insert them directly into your CRM or email marketing lists!


Follow the steps below to enable a lead capture form on your flipbook:

STEP 1: Choose the flipbook you wish to enable a lead capture form on.Choose a flipbook from Paperturn dashboard


STEP 2: Select "Lead Form" in the flipbook menu. 

Click on the Lead Capture tab

STEP 3: To activate the lead capture form you must check "ACTIVATE LEAD CAPTURE FORM". After activation, fill out the fields as you wish. 

Click on Activate Lead Capture Form 


*Notice: The form title, email field and button text are all mandatory, active fields on your lead form as well as Paperturn's privacy consent field (as we collect, store and manage private data on your behalf). 


STEP 4:  Once you've entered your desired text, you are able to see how your form will look when users open your flipbook in the lead form preview section above the input fields.

Fill out the fields below the preview of the flipbook

*Notice: If you want to deactivate the flipbook lead capture form, simply uncheck the "ACTIVATE LEAD CAPTURE FORM" checkbox at the top of the page.


How to download the information you collect on your lead form:


Visit the "STATISTICS" tab on the specific flipbook you've enabled a lead capture form on and scroll to the end of the statistics section to find the area where you can download your lead form information into a .csv file. Once downloaded, you can simply upload your .csv file to your CRM / email marketing platform of choice.


 Click on the flipbook cover below to see this feature in action: 

Lead Capture Form Example - BB CATALOG

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