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Create stunning online invitations for every occasion that look exactly like elegant paper invitations with a real page-flip effect! Easily convert your PDF invitation in just a few clicks - save on printing costs, wow your guests with your unique invitation and instantly reach the people who matter.

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Online Invitation Examples

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Design Customization

Add custom colors, background images, personal branding and logos to your flipbook.

Internal / External Linking

Insert links to additional content inside & outside your flipbook to control the user experience & highlight important info.

Insert Images/GIFs/Video

Add videos and images/gifs to sell products, clarify concepts and increase user engagement.

Embed on Your Website

Embed your real, page-fIipping publication directly onto your website with a short piece of code.

SEO Optimization

Ensure the visibility of your flipbook and its content on Google and other search engine results pages.


Share your flipbook on social media or via a direct link that can be opened instantly on any device.

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your flipbook



Your flipbooks will be readable & responsive across all devices (desktop, laptop, mobile, tablet) - without compromising on quality.

Google Analytics

Get a full overview of your flipbook’s performance through integration with Google Analytics or our via our simplified, built-in flipbook statistics.

Email Signature Use


Add your real, page-fIipping publication directly into your email signature so clients can see your flipbook every time you send an email!

Privacy Protection

Control who views your flipbook: enable username & password protection or IP-whitelisting and disable print/download/share functions.

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Benefits of Using Paperturn

Turn any event into a notable occasion by sending out beautiful and easy to respond to online invitations



Reach Your Guests

Printed invitations are often costly to make and fail to reach their intended recipients. With Paperturn, your e-invitations are accessible across all devices, can be easily distributed via a simple link, emailed or even embedded on your website. Your e-invitations are instantly shown without any upload/download time or third party programs - just simply click!

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Interactive Invitations

Create interactive party and wedding e-invitations that create that “wow factor” without the extravagant cost!  Use external links to direct guests to entertainer’s pages, SoundCloud accounts and catering and wine menus. With Paperturn, guests can zoom in on the smallest detail or search for words in your e-invitation; especially important when your e-invitation is viewed on mobile devices.

See how to insert internal and external links




Visually Showcase Your Event/Venue

Use Paperturn’s editor to add beautiful pictures directly into your online wedding/event invitation and customize the viewer’s colors to create a customized design. Showcase the venue, the entertainment or a snippet of a previous event via a YouTube/Vimeo video to hype up and engage your guests! Paperturn supports all sizes and formats (e.g. A4, A5) and unlike the printing services, it won’t cost you a penny more to use a unique invitation style.

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Privacy Options

With Paperturn’s multiple privacy features, you can decide who can view, share and print your online invitations. Password protect your online invitation with username and password so only selected individuals invited to your event can view it. Limit access to your online invitation to people in your workplace by IP-Whitelisting. Whatever your needs are, you can customize your own privacy solution.

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Brand Yourself

With Paperturn, you can solidify your company/personal brand recognition with the ability to add your own logos, disable Paperturn’s branding and even use your own domain name in the invitation’s URL. Creating an online page-flipping invitation also helps you be unique and memorable, all while having multiple interactive functionalities.

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Cost-Effectiveness & Easy Editing

Have a time / date / venue change? No problem - you can easily edit and overwrite your invitation to keep your guests updated without actually having to resend the invitation - your invite automatically updates! On a budget? Can’t afford thousands of dollars in printing and postage costs? Simply upload your invite PDF and send it to as many guests as you wish; without download or sharing limitations, starting at just $10 per month!

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