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Do you run a business, charity, club or any other type of organisation? Do you need to update those who matter most to your organisation? Wondering how to reach your most valuable stakeholders or customers in a hassle-free way?

Creating an online newsletter is the answer for you. With Paperturn’s online newsletter maker you can transform your simple PDF file to an interactive newsletter that will engage and impress all who view it.

How to use the online newsletter maker

Using the online newsletter maker is a simple process that only takes a matter of minutes. 


1) Get a PDF version of your newsletter at the ready, and upload it to Paperturn. 


2) Next, add a colourful background and your brand logo to make your online newsletter  look more attractive.


3) Include interactive features such as links, videos and GIFs to grab your clients’ attention. Research shows that interactive content is more appealing to viewers, and you’re therefore more likely to hold their attention and effectively get your message across. 


4) If you’re planning to create online newsletters regularly, why not set up a lead capture form? It’s an easy way for you to get necessary information. You can edit your lead capture form with every newsletter, and in that way, you’ll always receive new and current information. 


5) Add an advertising banner or newsflash icon as part of your online newsletter to share your most exciting updates or offers with your audience. Communicating with your most important clients has never been easier!


6) Want your online newsletter to be noticed by Google and other search engines? No problem - our online newsletter maker can help you with that. Just make use of our integrated SEO feature and watch your publication’s rankings skyrocket. 


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Online Newsletter vs Traditional Newsletter

It’s no secret that online newsletters and traditional printed newsletters are on opposite sides of the spectrum. But, as times are evolving and technology is improving, so why not transform your paper newsletters into something bigger and better? Here are a few reasons why making an online newsletter supersedes what the ‘traditional newsletter’ can offer you:




Cut down your printing distribution costs to a minimum. With Paperturn, you can send your digital newsletter to an unlimited number of people with a single click. Having a newsletter that’s hosted online also means that paper is not wasted - which ensures that you’re doing your bit to preserve the environment. Think green!


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Track Analytics

Distributing a traditional or a PDF version of your newsletter doesn’t allow you to track your progress - you receive no data in terms of who’s seen your content, where your views come from, and which content receives the most interest. But if you create an online newsletter, you will automatically have the ability to track your statistics within seconds




Interactive Features

Nowadays sharing links and videos is becoming more and more common, and in fact necessary. But having a printed newsletter does not allow for these features. No need to worry though, because Paperturn has got you covered. With your online newsletter you can add links, videos and GIFs to your heart’s content. 


Embed Online Newsletter

There are a few cool ways to embed your digital content (without much tech-savviness required at all) to ensure that it gets seen by your top leads. You can either; insert it in the body of an email; in your email signature; or within your organisation’s site

Errors and Typos? 

Ever sent a newsletter to hundreds, if not thousands, of people, only to realise straight after that you’ve got some serious errors and typos in there? We know... it doesn’t look too good, and there’s no way you can get them back for editing without having to pay for it- literally!

However, if your newsletter is hosted online, it makes errors and typos much easier to edit. You can alter the content in your digital flipbook as many times as you want (while maintaining your newsletter’s URL link) by using our overwrite feature. 


Real Newsletter Feel (Without Cutting Down Trees)

Although some might say that online newsletters lose that “real” newsletter feel, we’ve made sure that the experience is maintained, with a slight digital alteration, so your viewers can still turn the pages of your online newsletter like they would a paper one. 

Do our features grab your attention? If you want to learn more about Paperturn’s functions, you can visit this link and see just how much more we have to offer...

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