Online newsletter

Paperturn enables you to automatically transform an existing newsletter PDF file into a clear, attractive, user-friendly online newsletter – which has been specifically designed to strengthen your online presence.

Online newsletter

Using Paperturn, your PDF file of a newsletter can be automatically transformed into an online newsletter.
This is a fast and easy process - your PDF file will automatically go through extensive changes, and be very quickly converted into an attractive, user friendly online newsletter.
When you transform your PDF file with Paperturn, the pages are put up as in a catalog, meaning that your news is presented in a clear way, your reader has a clear overview of your newsletter and there are no comprehensive files to scroll through. 
Our "flipping effect" page turn creates a very professional impression, and further enhances your readers experience - it looks like if the pages are physically being turned over. Your Paperturn online newsletter will look and feel like a physical newsletter.
All in all, any PDF file of a newsletter can be transformed into an online newsletter which is clear, user friendly, creates a great impression and is therefore is powerful enough to provide value across various platforms.

A newsletter on all your platforms

This online newsletter can, of course, be distributed via e-mail, but the online newsletter is just as well suited for distribution on a wide range of other platforms e.g. your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter profile, etc).

Minimum effort - maximum benefit

Transform your pdf into an online newsletter with PaperturnSimply prepare your newsletter as a PDF file (as usual) then automatically transform it into an online newsletter with Paperturn – now your converted PDF file is capable of creating an impact on several platforms – not just one.
Paperturn is a simple solution to a complicated problem – that of not having the resources to convey your news both by e-mail and by other platforms.
Your converted PDF file is automatically converted into online newsletter which can be distributed on all platforms.  Your single effort (creating a PDF file) is automatically transformed into a format that allows it to be influential in EVERY area.
For instance, you can prepare a newsletter for e-mail distribution without neglecting your Facebook page because you can take your online newsletter and post it on your Facebook page (and all other forms of social media) with the additional advantage that your communication could have a significant self-perpetuating effect when it is distributed through several platforms.
If your online newsletter is only sent by e-mail, there is the risk that it will be deleted, or that it will never be opened.  However, because your Paperturn online newsletter will also distributed through several other platforms, the target group will most likely see it at least once. It is also likely that the target group will see your Paperturn online newsletter several times, which can be beneficial, as a message often has to be conveyed more than once in order to become popular among its target group.

Clear impact

With Paperturn, you can monitor your statistics – e.g. the "views" of your online newsletter. If you want to, you can easily connect your online newsletter to Google Analytics and thus make it part of a very detailed statistical overview.


 With Paperturn you can monitor the impact of your flipbook


Newsletter online

With Paperturn, an online newsletter is generated which means that the newsletter will automatically be available online. The system that Paperturn is based on is complex,therefore Paperturn takes care of the hosting of your online newsletter.
Generating an online newsletter with Paperturn is a very quick, automatic process. The only pre-requisite is that you have a PDF file with your newsletter in readiness 

Besides newsletter you can convert into magazine

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