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Nowadays, every restaurant needs an online menu. It’s vital to have a digital menu available for viewing on your website and social media pages, because people want to browse through offerings before deciding where to dine next. And takeaway customers cannot place their orders if they don’t have access to your menu online. 

Paperturn’s online menu maker allows you to transform your printed or PDF menu into an attractive digital menu that will appeal to your customers and make them hunger for more. 

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How to make an online menu

Using Paperturn’s online menu maker makes the process super simple. Just have your PDF file ready and upload it to our platform (you can do this by signing up to our FREE trial). You’ll immediately see your PDF transform into a digital menu. 

Next, you’re able to add a background (think colours or images that will entice and appeal to your ravenous audience). You can further customise your online menu by adding your restaurant’s logo. This step gives your restaurant chain credibility (something that is invaluable to customers).

Then you can insert images of your most popular starters, mains, drinks or desserts. Or even better - you can include YouTube or Vimeo videos, directly within the pages of your online menu, to showcase your dishes in the most tantalising way. Your customers won’t be able to resist! 

Furthermore, you can add advertising banners or newsflash icons to update your customers on upcoming offers, events or specials that you’re promoting. These eye-catching features will engage your audience even further and get them one-step-closer to your front door.

In addition, you can implement a lead capture form where your customers can fill out various input fields such as their name and email address etc., making it easier for you to contact them via your email marketing. 

What else can Paperturn’s online menu maker do?

Want to ensure that your digital menu is the best it can be? Our menu creator has a range of features that help to get your content seen!


SEO can be a tough nut to crack. Luckily our SEO-friendly platform can ensure that your digital menu displays at the top of all search engine results pages. All you need to do is add relevant  keyword descriptions and titles to your flipbook, making it readily available to be indexed by search engines- such as Google and Bing. A high-ranking interactive menu means more exposure, and more customers, for your restaurant! 


Inserting your online menu onto your website is a super professional way to communicate what you can offer. With this feature, your clients can easily flip through your menu, directly from your site, without being redirected to another page. In addition, you can insert your menu directly into emails, or even into your email signature - to ensure that it’s seen by everyone you’re in communication with.

We ensure that your digital menu is responsive across all devices, so no matter where your customers are viewing from, they’ll get a superior viewing experience.

Social Media

It’s never been easier to market your restaurant. Simply share your interactive menu to your restaurant’s Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter page, and get your clients’ engagement to skyrocket. Soon they’ll be sharing, liking and commenting - and in return all of their friends and followers will be drawn to your online menu too.

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How can I track my online menu card’s performance?

Your online menu’s analytics are vital and help you track your progress. They indicate where you could make necessary adjustments, and in turn help you to optimise your menu further. Paperturn allows you to track your performance in two ways - by either our built-in statistics or our integrated Google Analytics feature. 



Digital Menu Examples

Want some inspiration? Click on the images below to view the online menu examples.





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