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Publish your magazine online - the perfect, low-cost solution for staying industry-relevant. Get all of the attention your magazine deserves with video, photo, linking, sharing and website integration capabilities.

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Online Magazine Examples

Want some inspiration? Check out some trendy covers of flipbook magazines.

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Core Features

Your flipbook comes with a whole host of interactive, lead-generating features

Personalized Design

Change the background colorsadd background music, and use your logo - with Paperturn, everything is possible!


Add external or internal links to direct your readers to other pages within your flipbook or external websites.

Images, Videos and GIFs

Add captivating videos, appealing images or funny GIFs to your magazine online, making reading much more fun!

Integration Into a Website 

Embed your online magazine into your website - this way, it is directly visible to your potential customers!

SEO Feature

Use our SEO feature to make your flipbook discoverable for search engines and thus known to the world!

Share on Social Media

Post your flipbook on social media and increase awareness for your online magazine and your reach!

Extra Features

More great features to help you get the most out of your online magazine maker

Responsive on all Devices 


Your online magazine can be opened, displayed, and flipped through from any device. It won't affect the flipping effect or sound!

Advanced Statistics 


Using our built-in statistics or Google Analytics 4, you can track the performance and success of your Flipbook.




Share it With the World


You can not only share your online magazine on social media but also via email! Or you can add it to your email signature to be visible.

Protect Through Passwords 


Set your online magazine to private and prevent unauthorized people from viewing your flipbook - create a username and password.

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Company logos including Remax, Hilton, The Ritz-Carlton, Otis, Howard University and Siemens

Benefits of Using Paperturn

Ditch the printed magazine. Go digital with Paperturn and create interactive content to improve sales and readership



Visually Appealing Magazines Online

Use Paperturn’s editor to insert beautiful pictures/gifs and integrate captivating videos directly into your digital magazine to create high-impact design and content retention. Captivate your readers with powerful photography that will jump off the pages. Paperturn supports a great number of formats and sizes to ensure a coherent page flow.


Mobile Magazines

Paperturn’s flipbook system uses HTML5 technology - making your magazine accessible and responsive across all devices (especially important when your readers view magazines on their phones). Readers can zoom in on the smallest picture detail or search for words in the online magazine to find their content of interest quickly.


Social Media Friendly

Once your online magazine is published, you can simply share the link to any of your favorite social media hubs to effortlessly gain more readers. When readers click on your shared link, there is no upload or download time so your magazine publication can be opened instantly without any hassle! 




Print & Control

Enable or disable the download, print and share functions of your online magazine and decide whether or not readers are able to share it further or read it offline. You can also control individual access by enabling a username/password combination. Either way, you have full control over your magazine.


Get Shown on Google

With our SEO feature, you can track the performance of your digital magazine. You can use it as a base to increase your views and your online popularity in general. Just put metadata like page titles, keywords, and descriptions to be found by search engines like Google and let them rank you the highest possible.




Multiple Language Support

With Paperturn, you can adjust your messaging to your target group and spread it all over the globe. Because our flipbook viewer supports more than 14 languages, including English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, and Arabic, impress your readers with a linguistically personalized experience.

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