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Is a special event coming up? Need to create invitations quickly? Look no further - our online invitations maker can create these for you, quicker than you can say “Paperturn”! 

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How to make an online invitation

All you need is a PDF version of your invitation, upload it to our platform, and we take care of the rest. In a matter of minutes, your static PDF invitation will be transformed into an impressive digital invitation. 

Once your online invitation has been created, you don’t have to stop there... You can add tons of features to help your digital invitation reach its full potential and WOW your guests!

Here are some features your guests will love:


1) You’ll present them with a real page-turning online invite experience. All of our flipbooks resemble a traditional page flipping style and feel, with a modern twist.


2) Add a link to the map of your event’s location, to help your viewers find the venue easily.


3) Include a clickable table of contents to help your guests navigate through the itinerary and information they need to know to be able to attend your event.


4) Choose background colours or images for your online invitation to aesthetically please your guests while they’re flicking through your invite.


5) Insert a video or GIF to make your invitation a bit more interactive.


6) Make your invitation private so that only the VIPs who are invited can view your online invitation.


Still wondering how to create your online invitation and make it stand out? Check out our feature help guide to take you through all of our features and how to use them!


Perks of creating an online invitation

  • Easy to keep track of who & how many of your guests has viewed your online invitation via our built-in statistics feature.


  • Save paper, and consequently, our environment by using digital invitations instead of paper ones. 

  • You only need 1 online invitation, which you can then send to as many people as you’d like - no need to create hundreds of invites - just one will do! 

  • Using an online invitations maker platform will save you money. How? No distribution costs, no printing costs, and no additional costs per invite.

  • Are there changes to the time, date or venue of your event? All you need to do is overwrite your publication and your guests will be able to see the changes right away via the same invitation link.

  • Easily share your digital invitation via email or through social media. Sending out invites has never been easier!

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Online Invitation Examples

Below are some online invitation examples to give you some design inspiration:


A “Save the Date” Online Invitation:



A “Casino Night” Digital Invite:




A “Coding Workshop” Digital Invitation:



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