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If you already have a PDF file of your portfolio (e.g. if you have ever had your portfolio printed, etc.) you can use the same PDF file on Paperturn to automatically convert your existing PDF file into an enhanced online portfolio. 
Paperturn’s PDF to Online Portfolio Conversion is fast and completely automatic – it does all the work for you.
The Paperturn PDF Converter has been specifically designed both to optimise exposure of your new online portfolio, allowing you to reach more customers, and to enhance your client/customer’s experience - using our "flip effect" page turn feature.
An online portfolio using Paperturn's flipbook will enhance your reader’s experience, and attract new customers. 


Here is an example of an online portfolio




Create an online portfolio

The Paperturn flipbook can be an online portfolioBy using Paperturn, you can automatically create an online portfolio with your existing PDF files.

Your Paperturn online portfolio will be a flipbook with facing pages. The content will appear clear and presentable, with a distinctive "flipping" page turn effect. Furthermore, your online portfolio will benefit from design which automatically optimises its exposure – maximising visibility to potential new customers.




No need for programming

Turning your PDF file into an online portfolio is fully automatic with Paperturn, which has been developed to allow users to create online portfolios without having to go through a troublesome and time consuming process.
Paperturn allows you to maintain the layout of your existing PDF file and delivers a setup in which every page in your online portfolio is given its own URL.
Because of this, you will be able to refer directly to specific pages in your portfolio, just as you would be able to refer to specific pages of a website. Additionally, you don't have to worry about the hosting of your online portfolio as Paperturn handles that as well.

Reach more (new) customers

With Paperturn your flipbook can reach more new customersWhen your PDF has gone through the automatic conversion process with Paperturn, you will have a portfolio which is ready to share online. 

You can integrate your online portfolio into your existing Internet platforms - thereby both strengthening your pre-existing online presence, and achieving maximum exposure of your new online portfolio. For instance, you can create a signature in your e-mails with a link to your online portfolio. 

You can also share your online portfolio on social media such as Facebook, Dribbble, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. You can share the whole portfolio, but it is also possible to share links to specific pages within your portfolio.
Sharing on social media can create a self-perpetuating effect, so that your online portfolio can be shared continuously – as opposed to a printed portfolio, which, by its nature, does not have great potential for being shared.
With a Paperturn portfolio, you need not rely solely on social media, as your online portfolio can also be found in Google; Paperturn has been designed so that your online portfolio appears in Google when keywords are entered.
Another benefit of the online portfolio is that you will never run out of copies again – your Paperturn online portfolio has unlimited copies.


How to create an online portfolio

As mentioned above, the transformation is an automatic and quick process. To create your new, distinctive, optimised online portfolio - all you have to do is upload your existing PDF.

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