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Need to create an online portfolio? Don’t know where to start? 

First, create a PDF version of your portfolio. Second, upload your PDF file to the Paperturn platform (where the magic happens). Paperturn’s PDF to Online Portfolio conversion is fast and completely automatic – it does all the work for you in a matter of minutes. 

Your online portfolio is basically a real-page turning flipbook, where you are able to incorporate interactive elements that make your portfolio even more engaging for your viewers!

Whether you want to have an online portfolio for your photography, art, architecture business (or any other business) - Paperturn’s online portfolio maker can do it for you.

It’s simple to attract new customers and reach new audiences with an online portfolio that can be viewed on any device. So, no matter where your clients are - they can view your digital document with just a quick click.


Here's an example of what your online portfolio could look like:



Where will my digital portfolio be hosted?

All online publications created via Paperturn are hosted online. This means that once you create your online portfolio, it will have its own link that, once clicked on, will redirect your audience to your digital flipbook

Because your portfolio will be hosted online, it means that you are able to gather vital data about your viewers by using our statistics features. Here you can find out from how and where your viewers are accessing your flipbook from (e.g. browser, country and device); how many views you have; which inserted links are getting the most clicks, and so much more! 

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Why create an online portfolio?

Here are some benefits to having a digital portfolio for your business: 

  • It allows you to present your portfolio in an impressive and modern format. You will immediately WOW your audience. 

  • Your portfolio can be embedded onto your site, available for your customers to see directly from your homepage / landing page.

  • Your digital portfolio will be a more engaging read for your potential customers, in comparison to a document they would need to scroll through (i.e. A PDF file).

  • You can create a table of contents within your portfolio, so viewers can skip to sections. They can also do this via the “overview” tab that’s displayed alongside your publication. This makes it easier for your audience to find the most relevant content within your digital portfolio. 

  • You can easily share your portfolio online, via social media. Our social media sharing feature allows you to reach your customers instantly. All they need to do is click the link from your social media post, and they will automatically get redirected to your digital publication.

  • You can monitor your digital portfolio’s performance with our built-in statistics. And if you want to gain even more insightful data, you can also connect your online portfolio to a Google Analytics account, using our integrated Google Analytics feature. Statistics allow you to see what’s working and how you could improve. 

Want to see some flawless online portfolio examples?

We’ve got them! Click below on any of the online portfolio examples to view.


Online Portfolio Example: 





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