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With the Paperturn digital brochure maker, your digital brochure can be generated simply using an existing PDF file. Your PDF file is automatically converted into a digital brochure that looks like a real paper based brochure. Additionally, the digital brochure maker has been designed to contribute to improving your online presence.


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Free brochure maker

With Paperturn you can convert your pdf into brochureYou can start using the digital brochure maker completely free of charge. The digital brochure maker works by using your PDF file as "raw material", which is automatically processed by the Paperturn digital brochure maker and accordingly, it is quickly and easily turned into a digital brochure. This means that you can create a digital brochure without programming etc. - as long as you have an existing PDF file that the digital brochure maker can convert. 
A digital brochure which is created with this digital brochure maker is created with the aim of giving readers an experience close to that of a real brochure - and not a file. For instance, the pages of the Paperturn digital brochure are set up facing each other, like a real brochure, and our "flip page turn" effect, makes it possible to turn the pages in a realistic way.  PDF files are often perceived as not presenting well online – The Paperturn digital brochure maker is the solution to this problem. 
Not only does the digital brochure maker create an impression close to that of a real brochure, the digital brochure maker also comes with a number of specially designed features which contribute to optimising all of the benefits of the digital world.

Direct contact with interested customers

Direct contact with interested customersThe digital world offers unique opportunities which you can take advantage of by using this digital brochure maker. The Paperturn digital brochure maker has been designed to achieve high visibility in Google – therefore your digital brochure can reach more interested customers than a printed brochure, and it can do so in a very direct way - it appears in Google for users who have searched using keywords in your content.

Usually, when printed brochures are distributed, they only reach those persons who are given a brochure physically - significantly limiting the extent of the distribution.  In addition, if your brochures are usually handed out to someone who hasn't asked for one, it can be extremely difficult to assess if a person is part of a your target group or not. These issues are no longer issues when the digital brochure maker is used.

A digital brochure that is made with the Paperturn digital brochure maker will avoid traditional distribution problems; because the digital brochure is optimised for being found in Google, and because the digital brochure can be put up on your website, Facebook page, LinkedIn page, etc., where users with an interest in your company are present regularly. Therefore, the traditional problem of handing out too many brochures is avoided.

Achieve cost savings by using the digital brochure maker

Every time a brochure is handed out to a person who doesn't really have an interest in it, money has been wasted. This does not happen with digital brochures, which, using Google optimization, can target people who have an interest in your content, and which theoretically can be distributed to an unlimited number of people without increasing expenses. Therefore, significant cost savings can be achieved by using the digital brochure maker compared to the printing and distribution of traditional brochures.

How to make your brochure

Your existing brochure PDF file is automatically and quickly converted with the Paperturn digital brochure maker. After creating your online digital brochure, it is quick and easy to add it to the platforms from which you usually communicate as a company, for instance social media pages and a company website. Last, but not least: the digital brochure maker has been developed to strengthen the visibility of your digital brochure in Google.
This digital brochure maker can, of course, generate more than a single digital brochure per account. It is possible to generate a very high number of digital brochures with this digital brochure maker. But it all begins with one single brochure, and that can be made for free. It will be accessible until the end of the trial period of this online brochure maker.

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