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Do you want to stand out in the job market and nail that job interview?Then what you might need is an online, interactive CV by your side!

With Paperturn’s interactive CV maker, it’s possible to create a unique, non-static, and engaging CV by using our many cool flipbook features. And the best part? You’ll be able to share your CV anywhere you’d like, and even embed it on your website or page. 

Want to know how to create your own online interactive CV? Don’t worry, we will show you how! And guess what, it’s pretty easy too. 


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How to Create Your Own Interactive CV

If your CV has to showcase your personality, skills, and work experience, then you better make sure it’s as amazing as you. That might sound tricky but rest assured, Paperturn will do the heavy-lifting for you. 

Once you have your static CV in PDF format, simply upload it to our online CV creator, and, in under 3 minutes, you’ll be able to customize it and make it as engaging as you wish.

With our many features, it's possible to add, for example, hyperlinksimagesvideosmusic, and even use your own personal branding by choosing your own color palette.

What Are The Advantages of Creating an Interactive CV

  • The WOW factor - impress and stand out from the crowd with a completely unique CV.

  • Our built-in analytics let you know when and where your CV was viewed, making sure you’re on top of all your job applications.

  • It’s possible to share your interactive CV across all social media platforms and embed it on websites and even add them to your emails

  • More in-depth CVs: You can link other applicable projects to your CV through hyperlinks, keeping your CV clean while still having ALL your relevant experience included.

  • Interactive features: As we mentioned earlier, you’ll be able to add pictures, GIFs, videos, sound, and even music to your CV. Guarantee a whole new experience, and maximum interactivity, for whoever reads it.

  • With our overwrite function, you can update your CV without having to resend a link or re-embed, or re-share, it. This makes it easy in case you have forgotten to add something important, made a mistake, or are retargeting your CV when applying to another job. 

  • Interactive CVs are also very useful if you don’t have much work experience, as you can easily include your portfolio and showcase your skills and competencies through hyperlinks, or by including videos, pictures, etc. 

  • Paperturn’s online CV creator is 100% accessible for people with disabilities, which means that you can create a CV that meets your needs, as well as others who might have a disability.

  • It’s also possible to make your CV private, granting access only to a selected group of people. Keep your privacy and personal information safe. 

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Online Interactive CV Examples

Would you like to see how your CV would look in an interactive format? 

We created two great online, interactive CV examples to inspire you!



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