How to add flipbook tags

Flipbook tags help you easily organize your flipbooks and search for them within your account.



Follow these steps to add organizational tags to your flipbook(s):


STEP 1: Choose the flipbook you wish to add a tag to.


STEP 2: In the flipbook's settings, choose the "edit" tab. In the bottom left-hand corner of the edit tab, you'll see the field "Flipbook Tags".


Choose a publication from dashboard, click Edit tab and add tags under Flipbook Tag field


STEP 3: Type the tag or tags you wish to add to the flipbook and press the enter or return key to create that tag. To delete a tag, simply click on the "x" icon beside the tag you've created. Ensure to always click the "SAVE" button after creating a tag to make sure that tag is saved to your flipbook.


Type in new tags or select existing tags



STEP 4: After you've created the appropriate flipbook tag(s), you can search for flipbooks via their tag at the top of all of your flipbooks via the dropdown "tags" search bar. Click on the tag you wish to search for and the system will filter all flipbooks which have that tag added.


Above all flipbooks on dashboard, click on the Tag dropdown menu to select a category

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