Insert a preview image with a link to your online flipbook

How to insert a front page image with a link on to your website

The advantage of this option is the ability to make your flipbook brochure open in a new window/tab, which gives the reader the opportunity to see the brochure in full screen mode. This is also very easy to implement – you do not need help from a programmer – access to your website is all that is needed. 


Click on “Embed” and select “picture”

Embed with link and picture - Step 1 


Show 2 pages or front page

It’s up to you whether the picture should show a preview of 2 pages or just the front page. If you wish, you can also choose to show a later page from the flipbook
Embed with link and picture - Step 2

Copy the code to clipboard

Copy to code by clicking on “copy to clipboard”.
Embed with link and picture - Step 3

Then go to your website and start editing. Put your cursor where you wish to insert the brochure and click CTRL+V.  A few seconds will elapse before the publication appears. Then save your website page. The image is now saved to your website and should include the link automatically.
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