How to track your flipbook's statistics

Our statistics module is a great tool to help you get an overview of the performance of your flipbooks. The data collected helps you tailor your marketing efforts to the needs of your audience and make adjustments to the content and placement of your flipbooks.


There are two ways you can check the statistics of your PDF flipbook

    1) Using the built-in flipbook statistics provided by Paperturn

    2) Using Google Analytics 4



1) Paperturn's Statistics

  • Select the flipbook you wish to see statistics for.
  • Click on the "Statistics" tab.


Paperturn's statistics module shows you the number of views, downloads, devices, link clicks, operating systems, sources and more.

    Different statistics shown under the Statistics tab on the Paperturn dashboard


You can adjust the date range to view statistics cumulatively for the year or per specific month. You can also download the data for the pre-selected date range into a CSV file or pre-designed PDF file by clicking ‘Download as .CSV’ or ‘Download as .PDF’ in the top right corner. 


Click below to see an example of Paperturn's pre-designed statistics report:




2) Google Analytics 4


Learn how to either set up Google Analytics 4 for a specific flipbook or for all of your publications.



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