Search Optimization

This step is about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) i.e. improving the ranking of your online PDF flipbook on search engines and making them visible to a wider audience.


To achieve this there are few steps must take to ensure SEO is achieved: 

  • Fill out the description and create keywords to describe your publication.
  • Create a title, description, keywords and set the SEO link for all of your flipbook pages.


Search optimize your publication

Select a PDF flipbook and under the "Edit" tab (as shown below), complete the empty fields, ensuring that everything is filled out 

Search optimize your flipbook settings



Search optimize your PDF flipbook pages

Using the "Page settings" button to the bottom right hand side of your screen (as shown below), click on "SEO". Again complete all of the fields to achieve the best possible search optimization.


Please note - this will only set the information for the page that you are on, and you must repeat this process for any/all other pages you wish to optimize.  

SEO settings for the Paperturn pages





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