Developer Intern

Job Description

We’re looking for a skilled and passionate developer to join our team. We are searching for either a frontend developer or backend developer, with a full stack developer being the sweet spot for us! We do not require you to speak Danish, only English at a high level.

Our interns can expect to work on a wide variety of tasks - ranging from CMS management and custom CRM systems to coding on our product Paperturn to drift tasks and everything in-between. This is the place to expand your skills!

Our new (awesome) intern(s) should be able to:

  • Be structured in the way they code
  • Analyse existing code working with different technologies
  • Work alone and in a team
  • Work with a big system that is used in more than 30 countries
  • Should have working and practical knowledge in the following technologies:

Frontend Requirements

  • Javascript / jQuery
  • HTML 5 and CSS 3

Good to know

  • MVVM architectural pattern (AngularJs, KnockoutJs / React)
  • Working with RESTful APIs
  • LESS or SASS
  • Responsive coding (Bootstrap or other)
  • Version control system (Git)
  • PHP, SQL

Backend Requirements

  • PHP, MySQL

Good to know

  • Google Cloud
  • Working with RESTful APIs
  • Working with SOAP APIs
  • LESS or SASS
  • Amazon AWS
  • Framework with MVC in PHP
  • Version control system (Git)
  • Ubuntu OS / Bash script

About Paperturn & WEB2IT...

Paperturn is an online flipbook software that helps you convert your PDFs into beautiful, interactive digital flipbooks/publications with super smart features (embedding, hyperlinking, adding videos/pictures, SEO optimisation, lead generation etc.). Our website is in 6 languages and we have thousands of customers across 30+ countries.

WEB2IT is our other company - a Danish development bureau working with custom CMS clients and WordPress website solutions.

Company Culture

We’re small, but big. We’re intrapreneurs. We work in English. We all have our “eyes on the prize”. We’re “do-ers”. We’re fun. We all strive for greatness. We laugh a lot and make bad smoothies in the morning. Our foosball table is well used. We’re a big, happy work family…. (and no jokes are off limits).


  • We will feed you (you like us already, right?)
  • We give you a free gym membership
  • We will take you out for company outings (laser tag, game night, bowling, beer, trampolining)
  • We accept you for exactly who you are.

Working hours and location

Your working hours are flexible, but we mostly work between 8-4 or 9-5. We’re located in the harbour in Odense, right on the canal (nice office views!)

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