How to embed your flipbook directly onto your website

Embed your real, page-fIipping publication directly onto your website with a short piece of code.



Follow the steps below to embed your flipbook directly into your website:


STEP 1: Log into your account and go to Publications.


STEP 2:  Select the flipbook you wish to embed. 

Select a flipbook from the Paperturn dashboard 

STEP 3:  Click on the “Embed” tab. 

Click on the Embed tab 


STEP 4: Once on the embed tab, ensure “Default” is chosen.

Ensure that the Default option is selected 


STEP 5: Customise how you would like the embedded flipbook to look.

Choose your preferred size, background colour and whether you would like the embedded flipbook to have a flipping sound, shadow on pages and/or a hardcover page effect.

Embed customisation options are available directly under the preview image of the flipbook


Flip sound: This can be selected if you want a flip sound effect every time a page is turned.

Shadow on pages: A shadow in the middle makes the publication look just like a book; however, if you don’t want this option simply uncheck the box.

Hardcover: Do you want the front/back pages to look like hardcovers? This option can be selected here.


STEP 6: Once you have selected all of your customisation options, copy the embed code by clicking on “Copy to clipboard” and then insert it into your website.

Copy the embed code by clicking on Copy to Clipboard  

*Notice: We recommend using the “script” embed coding; however, some websites don’t allow script insertion. In this case, you can use the iFrame code to embed your flipbook into your website. 


You’re done!


We have embedded a flipbook onto this page, to show you how it will look:

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