How to Embed Elements Into Your Flipbook With an iFrame

With Paperturn’s iFrame embed feature, you can embed hundreds of dynamic and interactive media forms from across the internet with a simple piece of HTML code. Need a Google Form? A customer survey? A 3D virtual tour? A pop-quiz? A Spotify playlist? A picture gallery? The options are endless; giving your flipbook a new level of interactivity that will keep your readers engaged and coming back for more.


Follow the steps below to get started!  


STEP 1: Choose the flipbook you’d like to embed an iFrame in and click the LINKS/VIDEO & SEO option.
Choose the flipbook you want to embed the iFrame element into and click LINKS/VIDEO & SEO.

STEP 2: Select which page in your flipbook you’d like to embed the iFrame onto and then click the LINKS & VIDEO button.
 Choose the page of your flipbook you want to embed the iFrame element into and click LINKS & VIDEO.



STEP 3: Click the EMBED (IFRAME) button.

  Click the EMBED (IFRAME) button.



STEP 4: Fill in the Title field, add a valid iFrame Embed Code and click “OK”.

  Type in a Title and add the iFrame code you have copied from the element origin that you want to embed and click OK.



STEP 5: Adjust the size/placement of your embedded iFrame element as needed by using the small white tabs surrounding the object. 

Once you are happy with everything, click “SAVE CHANGES”

  Use the tabs to adjust and move the element on the flipbook page and click SAVE CHANGES.


You can now open your flipbook and see the interactive element you have just embedded, live!

 You can now open your flipbook and view the embedded element live.

Here are some examples of media you can add to your flipbooks via the iFrame embed feature:


  • Interactive Maps

  • Documents / Sheets / Forms / Quizzes

  • Virtual 3D Tours

  • 3D Models

  • Weather Forecasts

  • Playlists & Podcasts

  • Charts & Data Objects

  • Mp4 Files

  • Slideshows / Galleries

  • And much, much, much more…


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