Link to a flipbook from your website

To insert an image containing a link to a brochure, please follow the steps below

  • Chose the publication.
  • Choose "Embed" in the menu. This is where you decide how your publication will be shown on your website
  • Copy the link after you modify the preview.
  • Paste this link to your website. 

Link to flipbook from your website  


Another way to embed you flipbook on your website is

  • Save the picture you wish to use to your computer.
    Just right click the picture and save it.

  • Upload the saved picture to your website.

  • Make a link on it referring to your desired publication.
    Just use the link shown in "Info".

    Remember: If you want to update your brochure and keep the same link it's very important to use the "Overwrite" button

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